TCEB expands CSR offerings that benefit communities


The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has beefed up its CSR programme portfolio to include natural and environmental preservation in MICE-designated cities, in a bid to develop activities that create longer-lasting impacts for local communities.

Nichapa Yoswee, senior vice president – business, TCEB, told TTGmice: “We have recently identified new CSR activities especially those aimed at natural or environmental preservation near urban areas. This is to help provide a small space of ecological integrity for the cities usually packed with economic activities.

Plant trees at the PTT Metro Forest Learning Center

“The idea is that while our MICE cities can be purposeful for their meeting agenda, the destination can offer experiential values and tie-in with local communities,” she added.

An example of a new CSR activity is the building of a firewall in Chiang Mai’s Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park to reduce the escalation of seasonal forest fires. This CSR activity is recommended for large groups above 50, as more manpower is required to build a longer firewall to prevent the spread of a forest fire that would usually engulf a large land space.

Another new CSR activity includes planting trees at the PTT Metro Forest Learning Center, a 19,000m2 facility on the outskirts of Bangkok.

In Pattaya, groups can also take part in the release of parasitoid wasps to destroy black caterpillars – the latter are killers of coconut plantations in the Takien Tia community. Another CSR option in Pattaya includes guests helping to lay artificial and eco-friendly grass (called zung chuak) in the sea, which will act as a habitat for marine life and benefit local fishing communities.

TCEB is also actively encouraging the take-up of all its CSR activities by making the arrangement process easy for corporate clients. For example, the bureau can help to make initial connections, take clients on site inspections, create itineraries, as well as coordinate with suppliers for site preparations.

“We believe (the take-up of) CSR activities by MICE groups in Thailand will (continue to) rise,” Nichapa commented.

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