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In today’s exciting and ever evolving digital landscape, the business meetings and events industry has to keep reinventing itself to stay relevant and innovative. We have to adopt creative ways to engage our audience and build sustainable value for the future. Some of the important and key questions we need to ask ourselves include these:

  • How do we create more purposeful events with innovation and inclusivity?
  • What kind of meaningful moments can we offer our audience and make our events and meetings powerful, impactful and memorable?
  • How can we best incorporate new technology such as AI, to better engage our clients and foster greater interactions amongst them?
  • How do we achieve strategic synergies with blending design and digital to produce spectacular user experience? What ideas can we borrow from other industries that can be applied to events and meetings?
  • What are the key global trends and developments in event spaces and immersive experiences that we need in order to stay ahead of the curve?
  • How do we get wired for the future? Wired for growth, to the right community and for authenticity?
  • How can you build greater rapport with your online community?

As our customers demand a “return on engagement”, and to ensure that they derive optimal value from their participation in the business events, it is imperative for us as organizers to plan and execute a well-designed interplay of online process and onsite experiences that represent a perfect blend of design, digital and community.

We are pleased to present SMF2019: Wired for The Future, SACEOS annual flagship event and most respected platform for the industry to gain deeper insights and true stories on journeys taken by rising stars and luminaries from both core and adjacent industries. SMF2019 (www.smfconference.org) will present a high value content program and a focused discussion on design, digital and community engagement for tomorrow’s business success. Presenters will share strategies and road maps on game changing ideas and how the industry can be wired for future success.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect at the event. SMF2019: Wired for The Future (25-26 July 2019, Singapore) will be an immersive experience for all participants, to model what the event of the future will be like.

The organizing team at SMF2019 invites professionals in the business meetings and events industry as well as those from the related fields of travel, hospitality, event venue and destination operators to join in this exciting journey to dream, act and grow as an ecosystem of dreamers and builders of the future. At this platform, discover new opportunities to collaborate with key industry Associations, technology partners and all relevant stakeholders from the industry.

To participate, please contact us at smf@saceos.org.sg or register online at http://smfconference.org/registration/

Take advantage of STB’s Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT) scheme to lower the cost of participation. Apply here.

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