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    Cover Story | June 2017


    Poken Touchpoint

    Poken Touchpoint


    Billed as a new way for delegates to experience events, Poken – with main offices in the US and Switzerland – has developed solutions that allow visitors to network and interact with individuals and information in a fun and sustainable way.

    A Poken interactive USD device enables the user to collect digital business cards by connecting it to another person’s device, and to collect digital material by tapping it on a touchpoint. Downloaded information can be saved to the user’s computer, while digital content can be updated post- event.

    The Super Touchpoint and Real-time Touchpoint services even do away with the need to provide attendees with a poken, with visitors simply touching event badges to a Super Touchpoint to have information sent directly to their accounts.

    As the name suggests, the top-of-the-range Real-time version allows information to be gathered in real time and is ideal for events that need access to up-to-the-minute data.

    The Poken system is small and unobtrusive, yet fun, easy to use and an excellent way to break the ice at business events. It also does away with the need for wireless Internet connection, mobile networks or complicated infrastructure to make digital content available, as touchpoints work with near-field communication (NFC) technology.

    The system also permits exhibitors and organisers to identify who collected information and what information is most sought-after.


    A partnership between Swiss-based Konduko, a provider of activity-based proximity technologies, and Info Salons, a leading registration partner in the Greater Asian event industry, has created what is said to be the “future of digital show bags”.

    The centrepiece of Konduko’s solution is the Konduko Reader, a small, smart proximity sensor that is installed across the event venue and uploaded with valuable content provided by event organisers, exhibitors and sponsors for the visitors to collect with their Info Salons smart badge.

    Jo-Anne Kelleway, Info Salons’ CEO, believes that the ‘opt-in’ approach provided by Konduko – where show attendees get to choose the information and materials they want to be sent to their email inbox – “dramatically improves the value of data collected across the entire event for organisers and leads captured for exhibitors”.


    CafeSingapore-based Crown Coffee developed its proprietary Smart Café service in collaboration with IT companies Dimension Data, Experian, Sigfox and Unabiz, and took it further with the help of DHL during IoT Asia in Singapore this March.

    Smart Café gives event organisers the ability to serve large-scale events with quality coffee. Event organisers can also offer exhibitors the option of coffee and café food delivered to their booth at the touch of a button.

    First in the Smart Café process are Crown Coffee’s super-automatic coffee machines which can replicate the best barista coffee skills at four times the speed, producing 300 espressos per hour with just one operator.

    With a click of a Sigfox Unabell smart button installed at a subscriber exhibitor booth, orders will be trasmitted directly to Crown Coffee and these are then delivered to the booth by DHL, where payment can be settled on the spot or at the end of the day.

    At IoT 2017, facial recognition was also offered to customers who registered at Crown Coffee’s Smart Café. Customer’s captured data allowed for a personalised experience on each visit and the system was able to also detect if the customer was entitled to free coffee.

    Crown Coffee can also track customer demographics and the customer’s mood, and the data analytics can be provided to the organiser.



    LED lights have been around for a while and are popular because the bulbs last longer and use less energy than conventional lighting – but they can also be choreographed to provide a dazzling visual display.

    Seoul’s Floating Island Convention Centre, already a landmark in the city’s Han River, has graceful, curved exterior walls that can come alive as the sun goes down and an event gets under way. The lighting is embedded into the glass and the tens of thousands of lights are programmed to change in unison, representing the movement of the Han River. The lights can also be programmed to display images associated with a company or to project a logo.

    Fashion house Fendi made a statement by splashing the company’s logo across the building when it hosted a fashion show at the venue, while the entire structure was bathed in pink for breast cancer awareness events. The Embassy of the United States held its Fourth of July celebrations at the venue and requested that the exterior be ‘painted’ in red, white and blue to reflect the country’s national flag.


    ShowGizmoCNew Zealand-based event app company ShowGizmo and Crowd Mics in Phoenix, Arizona came together to create an app that turns smartphones into wireless microphones at conferences and events.

    Called ShowGizmo+Crowd Mics, the product uses Crowd Mics technology which is powered by the event venue’s Wi-Fi and audiovisual system, and connects the producer device to smartphones in the audience. The producer device receives and accepts requests to talk, which enables the individual microphones.

    The app is expected to encourage audience participation and removes the hassle of running multiple microphones around the room.


    Eyeliner is the core of Musion’s technology, with its imagery often referred to as a hologram. The visual effect is created through Musion’s patented holographic projection system and with a specialist foil invisible to the naked eye as well as clever lighting. Eyeliner systems can be tailor-made and is flexible, scalable and quick to install.

    While the Eyeliner gained famed from being used to bring back on stage the late rapper Tupac Shakur at Coachella festival, wowing millions worldwide with the realistic illusion, the product has also been adopted by corporates at their events.

    At the GBTA 2015 Conference in Orlando, NH Hotel Group had the Eyeliner system erected in the main entrance atrium and used it to feature speeches and presentations by holographic representations of notable individuals in the business.


    Jointly developed by UBM and Alibaba’s B2B business units – including Alibaba.com and 1688.com, the leading platforms for online wholesale trade of the Alibaba Group – O2O2O Solution encompasses the best qualities of the online and offline worlds of trade sourcing.

    Launched n September 2016 for SIGN and LED CHINA in Shanghai, exhibitors were given online product and company showrooms by Alibaba B2B through the O2O2O Solution. This allowed potential buyers to search and view their listings, contact the exhibitors and request a meeting ahead of the event.

    The O2O2O Solution experience continues live onsite where exhibitors and visitors can meet face-to-face in the lounge, in private meeting rooms, or at their booths.

    Onsite visitors can also better search for best-fit suppliers on the spot with the help of the O2O2O Solution Concierge.

    As for the final “O” in O2O2O Solution, buyer and seller can place orders online and enjoy the logistics of Alibaba B2B and the benefits of its Trade Assurance programme aimed at boosting trust between buyers and sellers engaged in cross-border trading. 

    By integrating online and offline trading, O2O2O Solution offers unprecedented convenience for buyers to search and contact sellers, arrange meetings and place orders online. It also provides a new value-add where the online showroom further enhances business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors.


    The all-in-one MICEapps by Singapore-based Ace:Daytons Direct (ADD) comprises 50 modules on one platform and uses a central application programming interface key subscription mechanism to let users subscribe to different app modules that are designed to work as a standalone or be used in conjunction with other modules for a more complex solution.

    The initial rollout in mid-2015 was built based on ADD’s PCO and PEO requirements to fulfil full-service conference and event management responsibilities, to serve global customers in planning, engaging and analysing data during pre-event, onsite and post-event.

    The solution has been fine-tuned since then, and in 4Q2015 ADD improved the user interface and experience, and added new functionalities including complex abstracts submission and reviewing modules and self-service check-in MICEkiosk.


    Provided by Malaysia-based Smart Reg System, the self check-in kiosk promises to simplify on-site registration procedures for event attendees and cut duration down to less than 10 seconds. Event delegates are provided with a QR code after registering online for the event. On the event day, they will scan the QR Code at self check-in kiosks supplied by Smart Reg System and immediately retrieve an entrance pass.

    The technology is scalable and can be used for events of all sizes.

    Smart Reg System improves the delegate experience by making the registration process hassle-free, allowing event organisers to provide a systematic and fast registration process. It also reduces manpower, thus saving organisers cost on labour.


    Xibo’s Open Source Digital Signage integrates with digital displays at any large facility to show custom content on all or each of the displays, as and when required. This enables venues to play various forms of media on loop on specific displays, and schedule changes and updates on demand. Xibo also helps to design screen with videos, images, texts, and tabular data, etc. The digital signage solution is a suite of applications that include Content Management System (CMS) and Xibo Message Relay.

    The solution is now available in cloud as well, in addition to android and windows platforms.

    To use the solution one needs a CMS installation, downloadable from Xibo website, and at least one signage player.


    Invented specifically to connect live acts with the audience, Xylobands wristbands can be integrated with any production style – offering a full RGB spectrum of colours, patterns and effects – to flash in time with the music and reflect the mood of the event. Event attendees wearing a Xylobands wristband becomes an essential part of the show and they are a perfect way to ensure branded photos and social media shares.

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