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    Cover Story | June 2017

    Global Sources Electronics 2017

    Global Sources Electronics' VR Experience Zone

    Global Sources Electronics’ VR Experience Zone

    Global Sources Electronics’ spring edition held two back-to-back exhibitions on April 11-13 and April 18-21 this year, with the first featuring consumer electronics products including gaming, and the second focusing on mobile electronics.

    With Virtual Reality (VR) fast becoming an important technology in electronic products as well as business solutions, Global Sources curated a VR Experience Zone at both events that showcased a variety of VR products and solutions, with the opportunity for international buyers to try out for themselves. More than 10 experiences were featured under three main categories, namely scenery viewing, gaming, and retail and business experience.

    For the scenery viewing category, for example, buyers used 3Glasses Blubur S1 VR headset to view 3D content in Microsoft Edge and to experience Microsoft’s Windows Holographic Shell which was launched in April. With the devices, buyers visited and experienced ancient Rome, both from a flying balloon and through a walk inside the Rome Colosseum.

    When Global Sources Electronics debuted the VR product theme for gaming in April 2016, it became the first electronics exhibition in Hong Kong to do so. Between that and the 2017 edition, Global Sources Electronics has enriched the VR showcase, providing more interesting experiences like VR shopping and VR fitness.

    The organiser believes that the showcase has greatly contributed to the acceptance of VR technology in the marketplace and a more creative application of VR in various business sectors. – Prudence Lui

    INTERPOL World 2017

    NEC's NeoFace facial recognition technology

    NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology

    Delegates attending INTERPOL World 2017 Congress  – a biennial exhibition and congress that focuses on global security – this July at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre will experience NEC’s Neoface facial recognition technology, used with ZoomTech’s Zoom Gate to enhance security and improve customer experience.

    Delegates’ identity will be checked against NeoFace’s Two-Factor Authentication, which consists of face verification and badge validity to ensure only the rightful pass holder can enter the congress premises. For face verification, delegates’ live captured facial image will be matched against the pre-enrolled face image in the database for badge validity, the barcode on the badge will be scanned at the gate to retrieve pass holder’s identify information and badge validity will be verified.

    Zoom Gate’s capabilities will be demonstrated with its integration into the facial recognition software to provide backend fast authentication, granting access to the delegates without slowing or stopping them at the entrance.

    The main objective of this registration arrangement is to showcase the technology available for access control and identity management to the international security community in attendance. It is possibly the first time the two types of technology are being used in tandem at a tradeshow to work seamlessly to recognise a registered delegate and his badge.

    Using the human face as a key to security and identity management, event organiser MP International can now tap into biometric face recognition technology to secure entrance to the congress. This not only enhances security, it also improves delegates’ experience, and increases efficiency and effectiveness of both process flow and traffic management. – Caroline Boey

    Routes Asia 2017

    With more than 20 high-level speakers and upwards of 2,000 face-to-face meetings scheduled during Routes Asia 2017 at the Okinawa Convention Centre in March 2017, organiser UBM Japan had to manage time precisely. UBM Japan wanted to provide attendees with a straightforward way to maximise their involvement and exposure, and not to waste time being in the wrong place or missing a critical meeting.

    DoubleDutch was brought in to produce an app that was deployed on attendees’ mobile phones and tablet devices at the event, and it provided a range of information from basic event schedule with locations, speakers and times, to detailed venue maps, links to exhibitors’ web sites and details of key contacts.

    Intuitive and easily customised, the app proved popular with delegates – in part because it also had a fun component and permitted delegates to take and share photos in picture galleries. It helped UBM Japan to do away with bulky event catalogues. Similarly, exhibitors no longer needed to hand out brochures as links to their websites, products and contact details were all available through the app. – Julian Ryall

    Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society AsiaPac16

    When Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) held its 2016 HIMSS AsiaPac conference and exhibition on healthcare and technology in Bangkok from August 23 to 26, it brought with it the new MICEapps, developed by Singapore-based PCO and PEO Ace:Daytons Direct (ADD).

    As the official event technology partner for HIMSS AsiaPac since 2013, ADD has been providing the event with custom-made solutions.

    For HIMSS Asia Pac, MICEapps was built on Amazon Web Services Cloud solutions to provide users access at any one time. It was successfully deployed to provide seamless and digital data access to event participants, speakers and exhibitors as well as the organiser during pre-event, onsite and post- event.

    HIMSS AsiaPac’s adoption of MICEapps created a “full digital acquisition” from pre-event registration and cultivation to event engagement and post-event heatmap data analysis.

    MICEapps pre-event registration was integrated with HIMSS Membership Application Programming Interface and was able to provide the latest HIMSS single sign-on at HIMSS headquarters.

    During the event ADD planted iBeacon geofencing for nearby personalised push notification, tracking and heatmap generation. With each iBeacon heatmap, MICEapps was able to check traffic by using colours to show the “crowd” and the number of people who had received notification or information in each iBeacon device area within the exhibition hall or the respective exhibitor booth, allowing exhibitors to measure their ROI. – Caroline Boey

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia E-class launch

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia E-class launch

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia E-class launch

    Mercedes-Benz Malaysia held a four-day launch event for its new E-class collection at The St Regis Kuala Lumpur in June 2016. It utilised the grand ballroom’s massive LED digital canvas, made up of 47 large LED screens on the front wall and the two sides.

    The LED screens allowed Mercedes-Benz Malaysia to produce a high impact video presentation of a man in work attire driving the new E-class model along a highway. The surround-view presentation, aided by state-of-the-art light and audio systems, made guests feel part of the experience. They were also able to witness the launch from all the meeting rooms adjacent to the Grand Ballroom through live feed. – S Puvaneswary

    18th Asia Oil and Gas Conference

    At the 18th Asia Oil and Gas Conference, held in Malaysia from October 12 to 13, 2015, organisers International Conference and Exhibition Professionals (ICEP) deployed a suite of services that was part of the EventsAIR event management platform. The platform was used for advanced conference registration, onsite check-in with badge printing, secure access control, speaker and AV services, attendee mobile app and more.

    The ICEP team also took advantage of the EventsAIR architecture to boost server performance during the event and utilised the cutting-edge Continuity Server to maintain an offline version of the technology in case of an Internet outage.

    By utilising a comprehensive solution, the organisers were able to deploy multiple functions and services throughout the event, all drawing on one central database – a key consideration for the management of accurate details at every step of the programme.

    This integration of data avoided the challenges of exporting content to third-party app solution.

    EventsAIR covered the full event lifecycle of the conference, and the ICEP team had a fully integrated view of its event, which included speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, VIPs and over 2,000 attendees.

    Engagement of all participants was significantly enhanced through the use of many new technology features found in EventsAIR. Lines were minimal during check-in, thanks to the performance of the onsite check-in and badge printing portals. Access was controlled throughout the event utilising a dedicated access control system. – Caroline Boey

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