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    Over coffee with... | September 2017

    VidyaHermantoThe corporate incentive management division in Panorama JTB Tour was recently rebranded to Orange. Its managing director, tells Mimi Hudoyo what has changed, and what her future plans are

    Why is a new branding needed when Orange – Incentive House is a division under Panorama JTB Tours?

    As part of a travel company, we organise trips, book hotels and transport, but we are not just a travel division creating tours for corporate clients.

    We offer much more than that, such as a holistic approach to events. As such, we need to distinguish ourselves from our parent company to highlight the creativity and dynamism we can bring to clients, while assisting them in achieving their goals.

    We chose Orange as our brand as it carries the meaning of warmth and creativity. To deliver our promises, we have hired more staff. We now have 150 people, mostly millennials who have the capacity to package creative and detailed programmes.

    What is new in Orange compared to the previous division?

    We have created an Orange app, which can be customised to serve a group’s programme. The app allows up to 200 members, and enables participants view the itinerary, read CEO messages, or obtain clues during an amazing race.

    We used to be conventional, and arrange for company reward trips with just a themed dinner, as per clients’ requests. The management then expects that this trip will motivate staff to reach higher targets the following year.

    Now we take on a completely different approach, which will assist our clients in achieving more than what they expect. The trips we create will no longer be just a trip, but an enriched event.

    Please elaborate what Orange’s new approach is.

    Companies want to achieve more every year. At the same time, they are required to be more effective and efficient in their spending.

    Meanwhile, we see that in a company, different divisions have various meetings, events, domestic, and international travel programmes. As such, budgets are scattered within a company.

    Moreover, instead of creating a single event – to convey the company’s goal and message – what many companies do is that they invite travel firms to do a pitch every time there is a programme.

    Instead, our new approach is to create a synergy to convey a message between corporate clients the staff or suppliers.

    We tell clients that they should combine programmes instead of holding department-specific programmes.

    A budget for 300 people, compared to a budget of 30 people, will enable clients to hold a more spectacular event.

    In addition, instead of just submitting a proposal to pitch a tour, we ask clients what the company’s visions and missions are, and what they want to achieve next year. We will then offer programmes that will motivate staff to achieve the company goals the following year, while enjoying their rewards.

    For companies that have workshops, motivational speeches, and CEO messages separate from an incentive tour, we can also help to combine them. As a result, the trip will not be a just a trip.

    That way, companies will have an increased collective budget, be more efficient in their spending, and conduct a better programme.

    However, a last-minute trip will not work in this case as airfares and hotel prices will be higher.

    Usually, there are different layers of achievement and rewards in a company. How can this be combined?

    For example, one of our clients had a Taipei-Honolulu-Los Angeles incentive tour programme.

    The entire group went to Taipei, where programmes involving everyone was held there. The lowest tier ended their trip there, while the middle and top tiers continued on to Honolulu and Los Angeles respectively.

    What are some challenges?

    Many companies in Indonesia are still conventional. We need to explain our service plan in detail, and educate clients on the benefit of taking this approach.

    We actually started offering this service last year, but we did not make any announcement until we are sure it would work.

    What is next on your to-do list?

    We would like to become an expert on Japan, seeing that Panorama joined JTB last April.

    Currently, we have three Japanese managers in Orange. Our eventual goal is to serve all Japanese corporations in Indonesia.

    Investment from Japan is the second largest in Indonesia. Companies such as Toyota, Honda can send their employees for site visits in Japan, and we can arrange their programme there. We also offer all destinations in Japan to companies based in Indonesia.

    We also are working towards creating student home-stay programmes in Japan. This is already popular with other markets, more so than Indonesia. Hopefully we will be able to start sales to universities in Indonesia next year.

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