How much is it worth?

    It is extremely difficult to put a monetary value to how much a country’s business events industry contributes to its GDP. Caroline Boey takes a look at what needs to be done

    In focus | September 2017 Read More

    In focus: Building a safer space for event IT

    A growing dependence on information technology in the event cycle must come with an equal commitment to securing a safe cyberspace. Caroline Boey writes

    In focus | August 2017 Read More

    In focus - Case: Playing it safe at SingEx

    SingEx Holdings, which manages the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre and MAX Atria, takes cybersecurity threats seriously and protecting data integrity for all staff and customers is a top priority.

    In focus | August 2017 Read More

    The evolution of hybrid events

    A new breed of meetings that blend format and content from different industries is emerging in Singapore. Caroline Boey finds out more about the phenomenon

    In focus | April 2017 Read More

    In focus - Forgotten child no more

    ASEAN tourism leaders are finally paying collective attention to the business events sector, reports Xinyi Liang-Pholsena and Marissa Carruthers

    In focus | February/March 2017 Read More

    In focus - The sharing economy pickle

    Sharing economy travel providers have come up with business travel tools but why are companies slow to bite? Caroline Boey finds out

    In focus | October 2016 Read More

    In focus - What do you bring to the table for corporates?

    Asia-Pacific currently accounts for the largest spend in business travel around the world and we expect the growth to continue.

    In focus | October 2016 Read More

    Asia holds up

    Brexit reality has rocked global stock markets and slayed the pound, but Asian BTMICE players are not feeling the pinch yet. By Karen Yue

    In focus | August 2016 Read More

    The goldmine that is China’s MICE market

    A 2015 landmark study places the industry’s worth at US$110 billion in 2014, and a double-digit growth has been forecasted. International hotel chains are eager to sink a bite into a larger slice of the pie, reports Caroline Boey

    In focus | June 2016 Read More

    Scary hotel mammoths? Not quite

    A robust corporate travel policy and a good spread of hotel partners to keep options flexible will help travel and event managers maintain a balanced relationship with the new mega hotel companies. By Karen Yue

    In focus | May 2016 Read More