• Adelaide gets high on two alcoholic beverage event wins

    Adelaide gets high on two alcoholic beverage event wins

    Adelaide, February 9, 2017

    While best known for producing around 80 per cent of Australia’s wine, Adelaide will soon be the centre of focus for other forms of alcoholic beverages as a result of two association event wins.

    The Australian Craft Beer Industry Association’s (CBIA) premier annual events, Australian Craft Brewers Conference (ACBC) and the Craft Beer Awards, will bring some 500 craft beer brewers and industry personnel to Adelaide in July. Conference attendees will exchange methodologies and industry innovations.

    Credit: Australian Craft Beer Facebook

    "The ACBC and trade expo is a quickly growing marketplace dedicated to the beer industry and reflects the growth of the craft brewing. It is a sign of our high brewing standards and the regard with which the Australian craft brewing industry is held," said CIBA’s executive officer Chris McNamara.

    Additionally, the World Whiskies and Spirits Conference will hold the first of three events in Adelaide in 2017, 2019 and 2021. These will also be the first editions to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, the others being in Scotland, London and New York.

    Incorporating the whole spirits industry, the conference will include analysis of local and international products, design, sales and marketing trends, with programme design undertaken by industry experts.

    Ken Bromfield, head of World Whiskies and Spirits Conference, said: “That we’ve committed three events... speaks volumes about how excited we are to bring global leaders in the industry to what we feel will be an increasingly important destination for the genre.”