• Associations can make Incredible Impacts in new programme

    Associations can make Incredible Impacts in new programme

    Amsterdam, May 18, 2017

    ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance have co-launched the ICCA Incredible Impacts Programme, a programme that celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings.

    The new programme creates a platform to advocate the positive societal impact of international association meetings. Incredible Impacts grants are then awarded to associations to encourage communication of the true value of their meetings. This partnership is a direct result of ICCA’s five-year strategic plan which was launched at the end of 2015.

    To apply for a grant, associations must demonstrate a track record in a “beyond tourism” or legacy programme or project related to their international meetings. The association must explain how they would use the grant to support, expand, extend or enhance their chosen programme or a future project.

    Examples include:

    - Knowledge and/or skills transfers to developing countries

    - Public awareness of healthcare or environmental issues, or achievement of improved outcomes

    - Positive impact on national and regional policies and practices

    - Advancing future intellectual and/or societal leaders


    An independent jury will determine which three associations will be awarded a grant of US$7,500 each. The winners of each year’s grants will be announced at the ICCA Congress in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

    The programme will be judged looking for “great examples” rather than for “best example of”, to stimulate further projects, better measurement, and wider understanding of the range of impacts that international association meetings can generate.

    Associations can nominate themselves or candidate associations can be nominated by any ICCA member. Nominations can be e-mailed to ICCA’s director of association relations, Ksenija Polla, at ksenija.p@iccaworld.org.