• etouches completes Loopd integration

    etouches completes Loopd integration

    Sydney, May 18, 2017

    Global provider of cloud event management software and sourcing solutions, etouches, has finalised the integration of Loopd – acquired in late 2016 – technology with its end-to-end event management and sourcing platform.

    The technology will help event planners manage every aspect of the event and meeting lifecycle, as well as provide visibility into real-time performance of live events.

    Loopd offers three key components. First, the Loopd Badge – wearable, smart badges enable fast and easy contact exchange, content collection, and registration for attendees, while capturing attendee interactions, session attendance, and event flow traffic.

    Second, the Loopd App which organisers can elevate the event experience for attendees, improve engagement, and increase post-event activity. Attendees can also use networking features to discover nearby attendees and manage meeting requests.

    Lastly, the Loopd Engagement & Analytics which is an in-browser analytics engine allows event organisers to measure and optimise the value and impact of their events. Incorporating the data collected by the app and badge, the analytics engine helps organisers understand attendee activity, attendee journey at the event, engagement, and overall event performance.

    As well, Loopd allows event planners to customise components and how they’re used based on the organiser’s budget and goals. Loopd Hubs are wireless sensors that can be placed at strategic points so organisers can see and measure attendance and traffic flow at a specific session or event.