• Explore Kampung Glam on foot

    Explore Kampung Glam on foot

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    Issues: June 2015

    Sultan Mosque, the oldest mosque in Singapore, was built in 1820


    Now that business is done, it is time for some fun. Start your extension in Singapore with a little history and culture lesson at Sultan Mosque, the oldest mosque in Singapore, built in 1820. Take time to appreciate its exterior before entering (for free) to admire its impressive Indo-Gothic style architecture. Be sure to check out the grand prayer hall where guides are on stand-by to dish out a detailed history of the mosque.

    After a tour of Sultan Mosque, backtrack to its visitors’ entrance. You will be faced with a pedestrian street lined with two rows of colourful shophouses. This is Bussorah Street, a popular tourist destination in the heart of Kampong Glam.

    Strolling down Bussorah Street, you will arrive on Baghdad Street. Turn right, walk on and you will find two traditional caneware shops: Gim Joo Trading on your left and Rishi Handicrafts at the corner of Baghdad Street and Arab Street on your right. Take time to stock up on souvenirs.


    From Rishi Handicrafts, you have already arrived on Arab Street. You can spend hours shopping at the numerous textile, carpet, fragrance, and Islamic religious stores found here. Be sure to walk along Aik Bee Textile Co., the only store left on Arab Street that has retained its original setting. Cafe Lé Caire @ Al Majlis is a good place to recharge on Middle Eastern cuisine and rest those tired feet.


    As you walk down North Bridge Road, you will arrive at a small back alley on your left. This is Haji Lane, where you will find a mixture of original, locally designed products and unique vintage pieces retailed in home-grown fashion and lifestyle boutiques.

    The shophouses along Haji Lane and Bali Lane are painted with interesting arty designs and graffiti, which are uncommon in Singapore.

    Conclude your walking tour with dinner, drinks and live music at the popular Blu Jaz Café.

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