• ICCA Malaysia to study the success of Kuching's ICCA Congress

    ICCA Malaysia to study the success of Kuching's ICCA Congress

    Sarawak, February 16, 2017

    The ICCA Malaysia Committee held their first meeting of the year in mid-January, where it was used to review the ICCA Congress 2016 summary provided by the host committee.

    The 2016 ICCA Congress took place in Kuching, Sarawak, from November 13-16 last year, and welcomed 834 participants from 60 countries. Host country Malaysia fielded 92 participants, the largest Malaysian delegation to an ICCA Congress.

    “It is important to examine the intended legacies of this ICCA Congress in order to gain a greater understanding of the potential benefits an event can deliver to a host destination, particularly for second tier cities like Kuching – if leveraging strategies are implemented correctly,” said Manisa Mohamed Nor, manager, market research, Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB).

    “One key finding will be on how hosting the ICCA Congress in Kuching created new business partnerships, and what these are.”

    Two CSR programmes, one targeted at raising awareness of the endangered orangutan, while the other was to instil and nurture the love of reading among the children of Sarawak, helped ensure that this congress not only brought direct expenditure benefits to the state of Sarawak, but also left a philanthropic footprint that will remain long after the event concluded.

    The success of these two CSR programmes is only two of the many “beyond tourism” benefits of hosting the congress. More ‘intangible benefits’ will be researched and documented by MyCEB when they explore the various inter-organisation collaborations that led to, and took place, during event.

    Ho Yoke Ping, general manager business events, MyCEB and chair of ICCA Malaysia Committee, said: “This project is in line with MyCEB’s strategic goal to drive deeper engagement and cooperation with Malaysia’s public and private sectors so that the nation will continue winning international conventions.

    “This initiative underscores the need to review and focus event evaluation in a way that Malaysia can learn and improve at subsequent event bidding, planning, and eventually hosting the event. Ultimately, it is not just about the dollars and cents but how we as the host community, can optimise the cross-leveraging opportunities that are presented.”

    “Our ultimate objective is to get full support from the government to help Malaysia bid, plan and leverage on international conventions,” added Ho.