• Two-day trip in scenic Yilan

    Two-day trip in scenic Yilan

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    Issues: June 2015

    Jiufen Village
    Picture by nicholashan/123RF.com

    Day 1

    Morning: Set off by coach from Taipei to Yilan on the east coast of Taiwan. The county is blessed with natural beauty and a rich culture. Visit the reputed LuoDong Mingshen Market, the biggest marketplace in the county for daily necessities, and the best spot to experience local life. Then head to Luogong Forest Showroom to trace the history of the local logging industry.

    Afternoon: Enjoy a traditional Yilan lunch at Eland-Chun Restaurant. After lunch, descend to Meihua Lake (Plum Blossom Lake) for a 30-minute bike ride. Then proceed to the National Center for Traditional Arts, where visitors can enjoy local arts and performances, handicrafts and snacks.

    Evening: Return to the hotel for a buffet dinner.

    Day 2

    Morning: After breakfast, set off to Wufongchi Scenic Area to explore the natural beauty of the Yilan region. The Wufongchi waterfall spans three levels and is connected by a 100m walking path. Ascend to the highest level which features the longest waterfall (50m) and is a popular cooling spot.

    Afternoon: Head to W Nan Restaurant for a palatable menu created by the chef using local seasonal ingredients. Then take a leisurely walk around the neighouring towns such as Jiufen Village and Dansui Old Street to sample local street food, sightsee and shop.

    – Itinerary provided by Willy Event Consultants