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    Understanding our purpose

    To our readers | September 2017

    At the start of this year, I wrote in this very column about the lack of attention to business events at both the ASEAN Tourism Forum and its B2B exhibition TRAVEX.

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    Incentive trips for more folks

    To our readers | August 2017

    Just months ago in May, more than 40 of my colleagues here at TTG Asia Media packed their resort wear and headed to the Maldives for a three-day/three-night company trip.

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    The drawing power of integrated resorts

    To our readers | July 2017

    There is something magical about integrated resorts – massive, shiny complexes offering a variety of accommodation options, dining establishments to suit all budgets and appetites, and numerous retail and entertainment opportunities. And on top of all that, meetings and event spaces.

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    Let’s get on with technology

    To our readers | June 2017

    The opening performance at this year’s Singapore Tourism Awards gala event was a dreamy dance between man and robot – specifically drones moving to the music and with their human partners.

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    Give me the unusual

    To our readers | May 2017

    Over lunch with two industry friends recently, we got into a conversation about hotels in the region – what were the most luxurious, romantic, beautiful, stylish properties we’ve seen or experienced while on the job.

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    Workings of a convention centre

    To our readers | April 2017

    I’m writing this from my hotel room in Sydney, dizzy with excitement over the sneak peek I just had into the belly of the new International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney.

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    Where is the love for business events?

    To our readers | February/March 2017

    This year marks my 10th ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) and its B2B exhibition TRAVEX.

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    The art of having fun

    To our readers | December 2016/January 2017

    As the year 2016 draws to a close and we begin to ease into a lower gear – thanks to the festive mood and a desire to recharge in preparation for a new journey ahead, we find this an opportune time to focus on the fun side of business events.

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    More than just entertainment

    To our readers | November 2016

    As business events specialists who have not only planned and executed your own events but have also attended many others as guests, I’m sure you have experienced event entertainment of all kinds.

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    There’s no need to get physical

    To our readers | October 2016

    Everyone knows what teambuilding is and what it does. It is a concept most of us are likely to have experienced back in school, when our teachers herded several classes off to a campsite or an adventure park and put us through a physically demanding course that we must tackle as individuals and as a team.

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    Keep up that housekeeping

    To our readers | September 2016

    Arriving home through the then new Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 several years ago, I overhead a lady behind me coo: “What a beautiful airport this is.”

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    Don’t feed that fear

    To our readers | August 2016

    When the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) was announced on June 24, news producers and thought leaders everywhere got busy churning out reports after reports on the consequences of this decision.

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    Spread love for the right reason

    To our readers | July 2016

    Amid a flurry of distasteful world developments that seem to make up the bulk of media content these days, it is delightful to come across stories that remind me that there’s still love all around.

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    Let your hotel help you go green

    To our readers | June 2016

    In July 2014 TTGmice ran with a cover feature on green convention and exhibition centres in Asia, and we discovered that not all Asian clients gave priority of choice to venues that run a sustainable opertation, preferring instead those that fit their budget and business needs.

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    Keeping the faith

    To our readers | May 2016

    I have a soft spot for Japan. Its big cities are energising, its towns peaceful and full of unique character, and its people polite and genuine.

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    Feeding the new breed of delegates

    To our readers | April 2016

    When I got married in 2011, my husband and I chose to host our banquet at My Humble House, one of Singapore’s top fine dining Chinese restaurants then (it has since closed its doors here, focusing its operations in Jakarta, Tokyo and Beijing), instead of a ballroom in a hotel where banquet meals are mass-produced in a central kitchen.

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    Face risks bravely

    To our readers | February/March 2016

    News on the Jakarta city centre bombings and the ensuing gun fight between the police and suspects broke just as I was writing this editorial, and right away I thought, oh no, what a terrible start to the new year for the people of the Indonesian capital city.

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    The real engine driving this business

    To our readers | December 2015/January 2016

    One of my favourite modern quotes came from business magnate Richard Branson: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

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    Fun with food

    To our readers | November 2015

    Some eat to live while others live to eat. I fall into the latter category, which should hardly be a surprise since I’m a child of the food paradise that is Singapore.

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    Golf is gold

    To our readers | October 2015

    For more than a decade the annual IT&CM Asia has been preceded by a friendly golf tournament, an activity that continues to be loved today by both exhibitors and buyers, as it offers participants a chance to socialise as friends in a casual setting, without the pressure of having to seal a deal by the end of the game.

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    Be proud, get loud about incentives

    To our readers | August 2015

    I love it when mega incentive movements make headlines in general news media. When China’s Tiens Group took 6,400 happy employees to various destinations across France in May this year to celebrate its 20th anniversary, ……..

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    Functional luxury coming right up!

    To our readers | June 2015

    As a business traveller I often do not have the freedom to choose where I would stay during overseas assignments; that is decided by my corporate booker who picks the most convenient and reliable property priced within the company’s budget, or the event organiser who has a selection of official hotels to work with.

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    Eat up for goodness’ sake

    To our readers | November 2014

    It has never occurred to me how much food is featured in a business event until that fateful lunch meeting with the Marina Bay Sands’ sustainability team a few months ago.

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    An invaluable recognition

    To our readers | September 2014

    It was about this time last year when the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) wrote to us with great news – TTGmice’s cover story in the July 2012 issue had won the 2013 PATA Gold Award’s Travel Journalism – Business Article Award. To say we were delighted then is an understatement.

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    Getting ahead with technology

    To our readers | July 2014

    For as long as I’ve been a journalist, and that has been eight glorious years, I always get a little anxious whenever it is time to file stories back to the news desk from conferences or tradeshows at hotels or convention centres.

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    Travel safer

    To our readers | May 2014

    Every year my team and I attend eight travel trade shows around the region where we produce show dailies for event delegates. And if all destinations could be reached by direct flights, we would be in the air together 16 times a year.

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    New year, new look

    To our readers | February/March 2014

    Two months into 2014 and the year is unfolding with much excitement for all of us at TTG Asia Media, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year.

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    Cast your eyes on the sea

    To our readers | November 2013

    I was tickled pink by some of the comments made by event planners who had contributed to our cover story this month, Team on board (page 10-22), which looks at the allure of hosting corporate gatherings out at sea.

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    We strike gold again

    To our readers | September 2013

    Mere days after celebrating the completion of our August issue, my team and I were given yet another – and far bigger – reason to rejoice.

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    A moving motivation

    To our readers | August 2013

    This month’s cover feature is one of our favourite annual projects, as we get to seek out and qualify for our pages some of the best activities and experiences a company can offer to its top-performing employees and business partners.

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    Keep moving

    To our readers | July 2013

    It is natural that one tends to be drawn to all things shiny and new, and in recent weeks and months much attention has been paid to the construction of new convention and exhibition centres here in Asia-Pacific.

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    A passionate world of business events

    To our readers | May 2013

    Several months ago I was invited to share my understanding of business events with a group of tourism students from local schools.
    While they were keen on pursuing a career in the events industry, the general desire was to go down the entertainment track. Concerts and parties were what they wanted to do because business events were too serious, cold and boring.

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    A better year

    To our readers | February/March 2013

    Once again, I’m impressed by the resilient spirit of Asia’s MICE and tourism trade.

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    Bonding through pain

    To our readers | November 2012

    That’s the cheeky response I got from Manjit Singh, sales manager of Forest Adventure, a treetop course in Singapore that is popular with corporate and school groups, when I asked why simpler challenges, such as games on terra firma, were not offered.

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    Straight from the heart

    To our readers | September 2012

    There was a time, long before I came into the world of travel trade and MICE, when I had a conversation with a business acquaintance who had expressed great support for corporate adoption of charity organisations.

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    The problem with green

    To our readers | July 2012

    Writing this issue’s cover story on green convention and exhibition
    centres in Asia and the corresponding attitudes event organisers are
    taking towards these venues left me quite puzzled.

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    Eat, explore and be merry

    Ideas | To our readers | May 2012

    My team of reporters and correspondents were faced with some challenges
    when researching for this month’s cover feature on fun and affordable
    food-inspired event ideas.

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    Be water, my friends

    To our readers | February/March 2012

    Looking through the reports sent in by TTGmice reporters for this issue’s cover story, The year forward, I realise how cautious most MICE players are in making their projections for this year’s business performance.

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