Catch up with Luther Low

CWT Meeting & Events’ regional operations director APAC shares why he likes cultivating vegetables, and what values have stuck throughout his storied career.

How did you enter the events industry?
I am actually an IT graduate, with a major in application development, but the job did not feel right. I then chanced upon Singapore-based CMP (under United Business Media Group) and joined as a temp staff to do telemarketing, but I was converted into a permanent staff when I became a project executive. Looking back, it has been 18 years since I was first introduced to events.

What do you think is the best part of your job?
Picking up good values. For example, I think that my job teaches me to be very meticulous. Over time, I also gained a better understanding of how to deal with event limitations, and how to overcome hurdles. I have also learnt how to be fast-reacting, to provide the best possible service to my clients.

Event planning also comes with perks like travelling, where sometimes I get to visit destinations that may not be on my radar.

Name your most memorable event.
It was a new hotel brand launch held within the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing. This is the only place in the Forbidden City where events are allowed, and it is very rare that events are given permission to be held on its grounds. The event also gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore areas that were off-limits to the public. I remember it was snowing, and the scenery was beautiful. It felt like I was transported to the set of a period drama set during the Qing Dynasty.

Do you think you will retire in this industry?
Well, it depends. For now, I still have the passion for it, although I admit during the pandemic it felt like one of the worst industries to be in. But I kept myself busy by taking up digital marketing courses, and learning how to put together hybrid meetings.

What do people think you do for a living?
They think I’m a jetsetter, but behind all the glitz and glamour that people see, there is a lot of gruelling work that goes into organising and managing an event. There’s a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes, and a lot of service customisatJUion is required now – more so after Covid-19.

Tell me something about you that not many people know.
I like to make pottery, and I am a proud owner of several cats. I also volunteer at Ground-Up Initiative, a volunteer-driven non-profit community that values connecting with the land. I’ve learnt a lot about organic farming and harvesting, as well as the many different types of vegetables there are and how I can grow them in my home. It helps me appreciate better where my food comes from!

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