AV1 opens new headquarters in Sydney

AV1's business continues to grow

Australian audiovisual production company AV1 has invested A$1 million (US$912,740) in equipment upgrades, as well as moved to a 1,287m2 premise at 64 Burrows Road in Alexandria, Sydney.

The new AV1 headquarters sees the company investing in three key areas – operations, staff and inventory.

AV1’s business continues to grow

The larger facility has a dedicated space for set up and rehearsal of live events, training capabilities, studios for content production and remote recordings, increased inventory storage for operational efficiencies, including pre-loading vehicles.

AV1 has increased its inventory with the latest equipment including Barco vision switching systems, Sony cameras and advanced wireless communications systems, along with the replenishment of digital audio equipment and lighting.

Addressing the current workforce shortages, AV1 also welcomes new permanent positions and an 18-month training programme to level-up existing staff and attract new team members. Its new facility has a dedicated training space to allow rapid upskilling.

Keith Wootton, managing director, AV1 said, the relocation and investments in new systems and technology cements the company’s firm focus on the future of live and hybrid event productions, along with dynamic content, delivering best-in-class solutions for clients.

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