InEvent brings ChatGPT in to ease 
event marketing content creation

Live events and broadcasting technology specialist, InEvent, has integrated ChatGPT into its event platform, allowing its clients to fulfil event marketing communications with advanced conversational AI (artificial intelligence).

Users will be able to generate invitation emails, interactive text for Q&A sessions, polls and quizzes, and content for event landing pages with greater ease.

To write an event invitation, for example, the user only needs to insert a command of key details to be communicated, and leave ChatGPT to do the rest.

InEvent claims that the solution is able to produce error-free content, and can also make recommendations for budgeting, scheduling, lodging, and other logistical tasks.

“For years, it has been our continued goal to innovate and fine-tune the event management process to be as easy as clicking a button, and we believe that ChatGPT moves us closer in that direction,” said Pedro Góes, CEO at InEvent.

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