Padang gets MICE hopes up with new convention centre

Padang, Indonesia will soon get its first convention centre in a year’s time, allowing it to accommodate more large-scale events.

The Minangkabau International Convention Center, slated to open in September 2018, will be able to take in 4,000 people.

Efforts to promote Padang and its surrounds for business events are well ongoing; Minangkabau International Airport pictured

Padang’s current lack of sufficient facilities for big events has resulted in organisers splitting meetings or conferences across different venues, according to Alan Maulana Yusran, chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association West Sumatra Chapter.

While Effie Setiabudi, chairman of the Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association, believes that the new convention centre will attract more business events into Padang, he said the destination also needs more hotels and more “effective promotions”.

Alan noted that for now, Padang is an appealing destination, thanks to its cultural, historical and marine tourism attractions, and the government “has done great job (with) infrastructure”.

“Roads are in the best conditions. West Sumatra (which Padang is part of) has the best roads in Indonesia, which makes it easy accessing Padang and Bukittinggi,” said Alan, adding that there are 17 flights to Padang from Jakarta.

While the new convention centre is being built, efforts to promote Padang and its greater region, West Sumatra, for business events are underway.

The Indonesian Association of Tourism Employers (ASPPI) West Sumatera chapter will host the third Minangkabau Travel Mart 2017 this October. This year’s edition will focus on business events and sports tourism.

“We are focusing on the local market and (most of the buyers will be) Indonesian corporations based in Jakarta,” said Febby Dt Bangs, ASPPI chairman and owner of Salam Wisata Indonesia, adding that the domestic market is Padang’s main source of business events.


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