Case Studies

Purposeful meeting

Hilton Singapore proves that it is the small things that matter with TTG Asia Media’s Editorial Powwow, using casual bean bags for seats and fresh, low-carb, low-sugar foods to keep spirits up.

Over the hills and far away

Discovery Overland Holidays overcomes pre-event setup challenges and pulls off a successful event – the first cocktail reception at The Habitat.

Multiculturalism at its finest

By tapping into popular trends to bring out the eclectic flavours of Singapore, World Express pulled off a wow event for Morinda China

One size may be able to fit all

Smaller groups can now do a park buyout by sharing it with other similar-sized companies. Find out how Hong Kong’s Disneyland caters to everyone

Benefit of an expert touch

To reward its top performers with a trip to Japan, US-based life insurance company finds working with destination experts to be the best route.

Amway Taiwan’s extreme production

Expanding production requirements and an order for an impressive fireworks display put Staging Connections’ event planners to the test.

Orchestrating a global undertaking

How does one coordinate a teambuilding and CSR event held simultaneously across 42 countries? With flexibilty and precise plans.

Keen coordination, communication

Experience pays off for PEACH when four gala dinners for 12,000 guests altogether land on the venue’s lap.

A royal lesson on cooperation

To create an event fit for royalty is no mean feat. But what happens when unforeseen circumstances force a no-show from the VIPs?

Boogie this way to Studio 54

Staging Connections delivers on client’s order for a 1970s disco party in modern times while highlighting the venue’s world-class technology. By Rebecca Elliott Event brief Staging Connections was tasked with surprising 210 guests with a 1970s...