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    Group Editor: Karen Yue (email: karen.yue@ttgasia.com)
    Editor, TTG Asia: Xinyi Liang-Pholsena (email: liang.xinyi@ttgasia.com)
    Assistant Editor – Special Projects:  Paige Lee Pei Qi (email: lee.peiqi@ttgasia.com)
    Sub Editor: Rachel Lee (email: rachel.lee@ttgasia.com), Yixin Ng (email: ng.yixin@ttgasia.com)
    Reporter, Singapore:  Pamela Chow
     (email: pamela.chow@ttgasia.com)
    Creative Designer
    : Redmond Sia, Goh Meng Yong
    Editorial Assistant: Lina Tan
    Editor, Indonesia: Mimi Hudoyo (email: mimihudoyo@ymail.com)
    Editor, Malaysia/Brunei: S Puvaneswary (email: puvanes@ttgasia.com)
    Caroline Boey (China & Special Projects, email: caroline.boey@ttgasia.com);
    Rebecca Elliott (Australia, email: rebeccaelliott@hotmail.com);
    Adelaine Ng (Australia, email: adelaineng.abc@gmail.com)
    Marissa Carruthers (Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, email: maris.carruthers@gmail.com)
    Prudence Lui  (Hong Kong/Macau, Taiwan, email:prului@yahoo.com);
    Rohit Kaul (New Delhi, India, email: rohit.kaul@ttgasia.com);
    Julian Ryall (Japan, email: jryall2@hotmail.com);
    Rosa Ocampo (The Philippines, email: rosa.ocampo@gmail.com);
    Feizal Samath (Sri Lanka, email: feizalsam@gmail.com);
    Chadamas Chinmaneevong (Thailand, email: chadamasc@gmail.com)

    Sales & Marketing
    Group Publisher: Michael Chow (email: michael.chow@ttgasia.com)
    Publisher, Online Section: Pierre Quek email: (pierre.quek@ttgasia.com)
    Senior Business Manager: 
    Ar-lene Lee (email: arlene.lee@ttgasia.com)
    Business Manager:
    Ingrid Chung (email: ingrid.chung@ttgasia.com)
    Asst Manager Admin & Marketing:  Carol Cheng (Hong Kong)
    Corporate Marketing Manager Cheryl Tan (cheryl.tan@ttgasia.com)
    Marketing Executive: Kwek Wan Ling (kwek.wan.ling@ttgasia.com) (Singapore)
    Advertisement Administration Manager: Cheryl Lim

    Publishing Services
    Division Manager:Tony Yeo (email: tony.yeo@ttgasia.com )
    Publishing Services Executive: Kun Swee Qi (email: kun.swee.qi@ttgasia.com)
    Circulation Executive: Katherine Leong (email: katherine.leong@ttgasia.com )

    Singapore: TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd, 1 Science Park Road, #04-07 The Capricorn, Singapore Science Park II, Singapore 117528  Tel: 65-6395-7575, fax: 65-6536-2972, email: contact@ttgasia.com , website: www.ttgasiamedia.com

    Hong Kong: TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd, 8/F, E168, 166-168 Des Voeux Road Cental, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Tel: 852-2237-7288

    TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd
    Managing Director:
     Darren Ng
    Senior Editor: Raini Hamdi (email: raini.hamdi@ttgasia.com )

    Advertising representatives:
    Australia: Zorka Sipkova, Publicitas Australia (tel: 612-8298-9318, mobile: 61-431-954-610, fax: 612-9252-2022, email:zorka.sipkova@pubintl.com.au )
    Germany: Wolfgang Jaeger, IMV Internationale Medien Vermarktung GmbH (tel: 49-8151-550-8959, fax: 49-8151-550-9180, email: w.jaeger@imv-media.com);
    India: Meena Chand, Adcom International (tel: 91-11-2576-7014, fax: 91-11-2574-2433, email:adcomint@gmail.com );
    Italy: Barbara Rebora, TTG Italia International Sales Department(tel: 3902-8068-9242, fax: 3902-8068-9250, email: rebora@ttgitalia.com );
    Japan: Michiko Kawano, Pacific Business Inc., (tel: 813-3661-6138  fax: 813-3661 6139, email: kawano-pbi@gol.com);
    South Korea: SS Song, First Media Services Corp., (tel:(82-2)  363 3591/2, fax: (82-2)  738 7970, email: fmsc@unitel.co.kr);
    Spain, Madrid: Luis Andrade, Luis Andrade Publicidad Internacional (tel: 3491-788-5301, fax: 3491-395-6396, email: landrade@luisandrade.com );
    Sri Lanka: Vijitha Yapa/Albadur Cader, Vijitha Yapa Associates International Advertising Division (tel: 9411-255-6600, fax: 9411-259-4717, email: vyadvt@gmail.comvijiyapa@gmail.com );
    Taiwan: Virginia Lee/Shirley Shen/Kitty Luh, Spacemark Media Services (tel: 8862-2522-2282, fax: 8862-2522-2281, email: smedia@ms5.hinet.net );
    Thailand: Anchana Nararidh, Absolute Communications (tel: 662-641-2693-6, fax: 662-641-2697, email: anchana@absolutecommunications.co.th);
    The Philippines: Eduardo Bassig, ESB Marketing Services (tel: 632-448-5848, mobile: 63-928-759-9481, email:ed_bassig@yahoo.com , edbassig@hotmail.com );
    The UK and Europe: Louise Napier, TTG Media Limited (tel: 4420-3714-4102, fax: 44-7917-158677, email: Inapier@ttgdigital.com);



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