Evenesis unveils solution to help with social distancing at events

Malaysian event technology company, Evenesis, has introduced a new technology that will help business owners ensure that social distancing and mass gathering guidelines are adhered to during the country’s Movement Control Order.

Named EveStance, the solution can be modified accordingly should more government rules emerge later.

Yusno: Deploying EveStance is an easier way to ensure people adhere to social distancing

No additional hardware investment or installation is required, as this solution can be activated using contact-less and done remotely over cloud capability. EveStance will tap onto existing and pre-owned IP cameras and CCTVs installed in retail shops, restaurants, event spaces and offices.

Yusno Yunos, founder and CEO of Evenesis, shared that the solution makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and “works in real-time by detecting objects”, where the objects can be categorised as people or a group of people.

“It calculates the distance between people and will alert the relevant authorities if they have breached the one- or two-meter guideline. Any violations detected by the solution will command an auto-trigger alert through e-mail, and/or Whatsapp,” he elaborated.

The software can even determine the distance between people, and the number of people detected in the drawn areas.

The company is currently allowing a five-day free trial for one camera per business/company.

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