Mega Leadership Seminar 2012

Amway India leads a group of 4,000 top achievers to Melbourne and other fun destinations in Victoria, an adventure made easy with help from the Melbourne CVB, writes Warren Beaumont

Amway India’s Mega Leadership Seminar 2012, held in Melbourne from December 9 to 15, was the company’s largest biennial mega incentive group. It was attended by more than 4,000 independent business owners out of a pool of 10,000 competing to qualify for the incentive event.

The seminar sought to recognise participants for their achievements during the past year and motivate them towards future goals and plans such as the establishment of a new manufacturing facility in India.

Transporting that many participants from India to Melbourne is no easy feat. Rita Tandon, senior manager special events for Amway India, said 48 flights were used to transport all delegates to the destination on December 9 and 10, and assistance in securing travel visas was provided by the Australian embassy and Tourism Australia in Delhi.

Besides tailoring an itinerary for Amway India, which included highlights such as a visit to Ballarat’s Sovereign Hill outdoor museum on the second day, a welcome reception at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on the third, a trip to Phillip Island on the fourth, and a closing ceremony at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on the fifth, the city’s MICE bureau also helped with the logistical aspects of the massive event.

According to Karen Bollinger, CEO of Melbourne Convention and Visitors Bureau (MCVB), efforts were made to ensure that all 4,000 delegates were accommodated in eight centrally located city hotels and catered for in one sitting at events such as the gala dinner at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

MCVB also made sure that transportation services went smoothly for the Amway India delegation, which allowed everyone to travel as “one group” instead of waves to various destinations in and around Melbourne.

For instance, a total of 88 coaches were chartered to take the entire delegation to Philip Island, some 140km south-east of Melbourne. Delegates enjoyed exclusive access to the island’s nature parks, including the Koala Conservation Centre and the penguin sanctuary.

Besides hosting the welcome reception, MCEC was also utilised for various dining events and business sessions. The centre’s executive chef, Tony Panetta, led a team of multicultural chefs to cater lunch and dinner for some 4,500 guests over several days, and were able to satisfy all dietary needs.

Amway CEO, Bill Pinckney, noted that delegates were delighted to be able to feast on a balanced mix of Indian and local cuisine. “They were able to enjoy raj, dhal and curries, and were very happy as they were all together and had the kind of food they like,” he said.

He revealed that participants were also pleased with their accommodation, especially Crown Towers.

“Amway India’s business sessions also went really well. The environment (MCEC’s plenary hall) was excellent and support staff were very competent,” he said.

However, it was the finale at MCG that won the hearts of Amway India’s star achievers. Delegates enjoyed a 20/20-style cricket match between two Indian teams and were entertained by Indian pop singer and Bollywood star Mika Singh. A spectacular dinner and fireworks display signalled the end of the incentive programme.

“Clearly the MCG event made this incentive trip and we cannot speak highly enough of how professional and accommodating the MCG staff were in handling such a large group,” Pinckney said. “Catering was outstanding and the cricket match went well, as did other aspects. It was truly a day and night to remember.”

The only weakness in the Mega Leadership Seminar 2012, according to Pinckney, was the logistics and catering during the trip to Phillip Island. He noted that the destination had a very difficult time hosting “such a large group” and the food component “did not work” for the participants.

Fortunately, the weak spot hardly left a dent in participants’ overall view of the incentive experience.

“Amway India is pleased that the Melbourne tourism team and other providers really delivered. Feedback from the delegates has shown that this trip exceeded expectations,” said Pinckney.

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