TravelRave Leaders Gala 2013

Innovative programme and creative configuration of the venue enable Singapore Tourism Board to throw a special dinner that captures both the heart and ‘stomach’ of industry guests, writes Paige Lee Pei Qi

TravelRave is a yearly platform organised by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) that brings business leaders in Asia’s travel and tourism industry together, driving meaningful discussions in a week-long programme.
Hailed as the special highlight of TravelRave 2013, the TravelRave Leaders Gala was held to celebrate distinguished Asian travel leadership.

Andrew Phua, director, exhibitions and conferences of STB, told TTGmice: “The objective of the gala was to provide our guests with a taste of the fourth edition of TravelRave, which includes a showcase of Singaporean flavours in a unique venue.

“We wanted to add an element of surprise during each part of the programme, and made the deliberate effort through creative landscaping to provide a glimpse of what the dinner area had to offer.”

Raving about the specially programmed LED lights in Gardens by the Bay, Phua said they were able to customise the colours in line with their TravelRave brand, which helped provide the oomph factor, and many guests were blown away by the lavish and colourful decorations.

Hailing the flexible landscape of the Gardens by the Bay as crucial in accommodating to the Gala’s requirements, he said: “The Flower Field Hall within the Flower Dome provided an exclusive and intimate setting suitable for the Gala, while remaining accessible.”

He explained that while some guests chose to take a leisurely stroll through the gardens before the Gala, others preferred to take the buggies right to the Flower Field Hall.

Additionally, to align with the theme of TravelRave, STB wanted to offer a range of flavours to its guests. Phua said the board managed to rope in various chefs who could curate a distinctive brand and identity for themselves at this gala.

Highlighting the ability of the venue to customise, he said: “We brought in a food truck, a popsicle push-cart, and even mobile planters. All of them required vastly different props and furnishings.

“However (with Gardens by the Bay), we managed to balance consistency in presentation through landscaping and decorations, while bringing out the different characteristics of the chefs’ offerings.”

Phua added that the key guiding principle for this event was to provide a unique dining experience. Hence they were also able to curate a special menu to include distinct Singaporean flavours such as claypot rice with Chinese mushrooms, nasi lemak sushi roll, sambal eggs bruschetta, seafood udon laksa and pulot hitam sticky pudding with gula melaka.

He said: “The team spent almost six whole months preparing for this and our efforts paid off. We were heartened to hear that our guests had enjoyed the evening tremendously.”


Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Flower Field Hall, Gardens By the Bay

October 22, 2013

No. of participants

To celebrate achievements and leadership in the Asian travel and tourism industry, and kick off the fourth edition of TravelRave

Having to creatively divide a massive space into different areas to cater to the varying components of the programme while maintaining an element of surprise for the guests

Guests were impressed and STB was able to showcase Singapore as a leading tourism and gastronomic destination through uniquely Singaporean flavours


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