A dose of grandeur

The glamorous side of 19th century America has been revived in Regent Singapore’s new Manhattan bar. Oozing with sophistication, the 89-seat bar greets guests with an elegant marble entrance and settles them comfortably within a contemporary interior that is furnished with luxurious leather chairs and sofas, and walls lined with woven linen.

Along with its carefully thought-out plush interiors, no effort was spared in the creation of its beverage menu which features 25 seasonally rotating cocktails to take guests through the rich history and flavours of Manhattan’s neighbourhoods.

A delightful feature of Manhattan bar is its rickhouse, a workshop featuring over 100 American oak barrels. Regent Singapore is the world’s first hotel to boast of such a facility. Exclusive also to the bar is a room housing more than 300 ingredients, including wild cherry bark, shisandra berries and dandelion root – all of which serve as inspirations for unusual tipples and interesting bar bites.

Do not for a second brush off Manhattan bar as just another hotel lounge for business travellers to knock back a few drinks after a long day. The venue is crafted perfectly for upscale corporate parties. It offers three private rooms – the Rockfeller Room, Private Salon and The Library, with capacity for 16, 10 and seven guests respectively. Our favourite is the Rockefeller Room, as it is hidden behind a “secret” door and luxuriously furnished with a banquette, long glossy tables and a TV.

Manhattan bar can be hired entirely before 16.00. A minimum spending of $$10,000 (US$8,000) is required.

Since its opening in April, the bar has hosted a private jewelry collection showcase and a Great Gatsby-themed party – easy to see why and how.

Call (65) 6725-3377 for reservations.

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