Go green by staying green

In a bid to give back to the community and encourage sustainability, The Westin Singapore is inviting guests to join in its efforts to save energy through its Green Rooms.

Green Rooms refer to the 56 guestrooms on the hotel’s 38th and 39th floors that have been specially equipped to monitor and track energy consumption via a meter on the in-room IPTV system.

The meter ranks the guest’s energy consumption according to three different categories: green (energy consumption is 20 per cent below average), amber and red.

For every guest whose energy usage falls within the green zone, The Westin Singapore has pledged to donate US$1 to UNICEF.

Lance J Ourednik, general manager of the property, said: “For The Westin Singapore, we believe that sustaining the environment and sustaining communities create value for everyone and we are excited to invite our guests to be a part of this unique opportunity to improve our community and minimise our impact on the environment.”

The new-build hotel’s other green initiatives include a green limousine, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, room sensors for auto shut-offs, energy-efficient lighting and water-conserving low-flow plumbing and sanitary fittings.

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