IT&CM Events’ Association Day in Singapore makes a fruitful debut

IT&CM Event’s first Association Day in Singapore, organised in collaboration with venue sponsor Suntec Singapore, successfully attracted over 30 industry professionals and executives hailing from industries ranging from finance and energy to insurance and tourism.

The half-day Association Day programme, which took place on December 2, featured expert speakers from association management company MCI Singapore and destination Sarawak Convention Bureau.

The opening session on “Ensuring the Future Sustainability of Your Association” urged associations to depart from their traditional emphasis on membership numbers and instead position themselves as open professional communities rather than closed membership organisations.

The “Learning from Success: How Sarawak won the 2016 ICCA Congress” closing topic highlighted details the sophisticated bidding process taken by Sarawak to compete against Prague.

“The IT&CM Association Day initiative is fundamental for industry engagement with the purpose of advancing the associations sector through peer-to-peer exchange. The organisers have enabled all the key elements in this one platform to prove they have what it takes to make this happen,” commented speaker Oscar Cerezales, COO Asia Pacific and global director of association services at MCI Singapore.

Venues and dates of IT&CM Events’ Association Days series in 2015 include IT&CM China in Shanghai (April 14 and 15), IT&CM India in Delhi (August 19) and IT&CMA in Bangkok (September 30 and October 1).

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