Singapore start-up provides all-in-one app for business matching

USING real-time data analytics to streamline business matching, local start-up company Jublia has created a multi-functional solution for modern meetings.

The tailor-made app platform allows event attendees to schedule meetings with potential business partners weeks before the event in order to maximise their handshake count on the day itself.

“We act as event consultants as part of our solution offering. We’re not just providing a tech solution… we work closely with (the organisers) throughout the whole life cycle (of the event) and advise them on what networking objectives they should have,” Jublia’s chief technology officer, Chinab Chugh, told TTGmice e-Weekly.

According to COO Errol Lim, Jublia provides an “all-in-one solution”, running and tracking the performance of the engagement strategy, while breaking down data collected so that organisers can evaluate the networking success of their event.

Although 40 per cent of Jublia’s clients hail from abroad, there is no need to send a team overseas to manage events, as its software solution is cloud-based.

“That makes it very easily scalable to as many events as we can have,” Chugh said.

However, Lim told TTGmice e-Weekly that the company does provide on-site support upon request, using its software to discover hidden opportunities for customers and directing them to the right booths or people at the event.

In the last year alone, the young firm worked with over 50 events, including big names like Unilever and Messe Düsseldorf Asia, and is striving to grow its business further.

“We’re looking at expanding the team; maybe opening an office in Hong Kong, another MICE hub, as well as a place with a very similar business environment to Singapore,” Lim revealed. “What we’ve done here, we hope to replicate and do better in Hong Kong.”

 Established in 2014, the Singaporean company specialises in business matching and offers free prints of its book, Jublia’s Designing Business Matching, for TTGmice e-Weekly readers who make a request here.


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