Bedrock to a happy partnership

Kyäni and its event outsourcee find communication key to bringing its first Hong Kong show from concept to execution.

Kyäni Conference
Kyani Conference

Event brief
Established in 2005, Kyäni is a health and wellness network marketing company. This event – its very first held in Hong Kong – brought together over 1,000 partners from across Greater China.

As Kyäni did not have experience organising conferences of this scope and size, Concept Communications (Conceptcoms) was roped in to help on areas from creative concept development to all logistics and production details.

Based on the conference theme Live Your Dream, Conceptcoms was challenged to create a key conference visual and produce the entire event including performance, programme rundown, audio visual, lighting and other logistics work – all within a six-week time span.

Also included in this schedule was time needed for Kyäni’s headquarter in the US to approve the visual and ensure it matches the conference theme as well as the company’s corporate identity.

Communicating across separate time zones was a challenge, and the project team needed to ensure the approval process ran smoothly and on schedule.

And as participants could bring along friends and partners to the conference, Conceptcoms was also tasked to collect information on guests, who were potential business leads for Kyäni.

The creative team of Conceptcoms communicated thoroughly with Kyäni’s Asia operation manager before proposing three options for key visuals, easing the approval process and allowing sufficient time for production and logistical arrangement.

In order to create a memorable experience, Conceptcoms introduced a performance that combined neon lights and lion dance, some of Hong Kong’s icons, at the opening ceremony.

The post-lunch Tron Dance was another highlight of the conference.

In addition, to engage the audience, a fun segment was designed where participants folded paper planes however they wanted before launching them through the air.

And to solve the challenge of collecting data on accompanying friends and partners, Conceptcoms implemented an electronic registration system.

Key takeaways
When event and design objectives are well-communicated, organising an event to the client’s satisfaction is achievable within a short time span.

Of course, a dedicated event management team and careful attention to the project timeline are also crucial for the event’s success.


Event: Kyäni Conference
Organiser: Kyäni International
Venue: Asia-World Expo
Date: May 27-28, 2016
Number of participants: More than 1,000 delegates

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