Hong Kong gets its first business travel mobile app

TravelSky has launched Hong Kong’s first business travel management mobile app aimed at providing business-ready travel service based on corporate travel policies for cross-border corporate travel demand.

The app offers three languages – English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese – and boasts features such as customised flight bookings for each corporate client, trip approvals, flight data, and flight statuses.



It allows the traveller the automony to manage his/her own bookings and approval processes with just a few clicks, without the need to spend extra time on internal communications for approval. The app also stores frequent flyer information to provide convenience for repeated bookings.

Peng Bo, general manager of TravelSky’s global distribution system unit, said: “ CozyGo is our flagship product for travel management companies in China, which achieved 120,000 downloads in 2016. We aim to capitalise on Hong Kong’s high-potential market to capture market share in the corporate travel sector here.”

Hong Kong’s large SME sector in particular is known for frequent cross-border business travel. According to TravelSky, bookings with Chinese commercial airlines increased by almost 12 per cent from around 449 million in 2015 to around 502 million in 2016. In the first two months in 2017, domestic flight bookings with Chinese commercial airlines recorded a YOY increase of nearly 14 per cent, to around 75 million.

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