Meet in a tropical paradise

There is so much for event planners to love about the new Anantara Kalutara Resort in the south of Sri Lanka.

First, its architecture which bears the signature Tropical Modernism style of the late Geoffrey Bawa, a celebrated architect during and beyond his time. The soaring peaked roof over the heart of the resort, held up only by tall, slender pillars which blur the lines between the lush exterior and decorative interior, is the most impressive and representative of Bawa’s genius.

The result is a number of beautiful, wide open spaces for guests to recharge and refuel that are both sheltered and breezy.

Second, its clever blend of leisure and business facilities that do not overlap and yet sit so close that business event guests can easily reach for the sparkling pool, serene spa, yoga pavilion or water sports club should they wish. Furthermore, this ensures privacy for both corporate groups, and holidaying couples and families.
And that brings us to the third reason to love the Anantara Kalutara Resort. Its standalone two-storey conference centre, located just a short walk away from the resort’s lobby and down a landscaped boardwalk along the Kalu Ganga River.

Views from the ballroom and meeting rooms are memorable, as the facilities overlook the Indian Ocean and Kalu Ganga River, with coconut palms in the foreground. For meeting groups that resist staying indoors all day long and for days on end, the conference centre is a dream come true.

Also a gem for corporate groups, event planners can choose to simply book their group for meals at the resort’s three restaurants (Olu, Acquolina and Spice Traders) or work with the resort’s F&B specialists to design a unique dining event in unique locations on the resort’s sprawling grounds.

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