GLION Museum, Japan

One of the most recent additions to Osaka’s selection of venues, the GLION Museum in the city’s waterfront district combines inside and outdoor spaces for events. While vehicle-related receptions would have an obvious tie-in, the collection of classic cars on showcase would appeal to a far broader range of potential uses.

Glion Museum
Glion Museum

Occupying a network of refurbished red-brick warehouses dating from 1923, the GLION Museum is the largest collection of classic vehicles in the Kansai region. It houses more than 250 famous cars and motorbikes from around the world, including a 1926 Model-T Ford, a 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom II and a Studebaker that rolled off the production line in 1928.

The museum is divided into four halls, with one given over entirely to world-famous Japanese vehicles, such as the 1973 Nissan Skyline and the 1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport. Displayed in one corner of the museum are Japanese motorbikes that have graced the world’s roads. The museum also includes a showroom where anyone with some spare yen can splash out on a classic Corvette Stingray, Triumph TR3 or a 1965 Nissan Fairlady.

MICE application
The venue offers a number of possibilities for events.

One of the former warehouse buildings today stands as a stylish steakhouse with room for 80 people (table seating) and wall booths upholstered in dark leather. Black-and-white pictures of vehicles from the golden age of motoring cover the walls and meals are served by waiters in bow ties and white gloves. The restaurant can also be converted to cater to groups of up to 400 people for standing receptions and buffets.

The spacious Cafe 1923 occupies another building and can be hired for events for as many as 200 guests, while showrooms offer a stunning walk-through space for receptions.
The museum is also able to host outdoors events, with the broad road that runs between the parallel warehouse buildings decorated with classic cars and ideal for music events or evening cocktail receptions.

Kaigan-dori, 2-6-39, Minato-ku, Osaka, Japan 552-0022
Tel: (81) 6 6573 3006


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