Snoop around Bangkok in this game

GoSnoop Team Bonding

Detecting a market gap in outdoor detective games in Asia, Marie Botella and Pochara Amatasin, two friends with common interests in travel and entrepreneurship, established GoSnoop in Bangkok in July 2017.

GoSnoop Team Bonding

“I was always snooping around for new experiences in Bangkok,” said Botella, a French transplant who moved to the Thai capital four years ago. “A lot of visiting friends were always asking for recommendations in Bangkok, so I saw something missing (in the tours & activities landscape).”

The two co-founders spent six months researching and designing the unique game, which aims to get competing teams to explore Bangkok’s hidden gems while picking up clues à la Sherlock Holmes along a specific route to crack the riddle and unravel a mystery.

The game is ideal as a corporate teambuilding activity as it’s designed to promote teamwork, communication, and out-of-the-box thinking among players.

GoSnoop has already found popularity as a teambuilding activity for companies and associations based in Bangkok, and its corporate clients include Agoda, Anantara, Lazada, Financial Times and Phillips so far.

Played in the Old Bangkok area, teams of two to six people will go around on foot with a real map to search for particular items and pick up clues that will enable them to solve the mystery at the end.

The game can be played as designed or customised as a “corporate rally”, with corporate visions embedded within the questions. Professional photographers can also be included in the package to capture the fun and action along the way. Drinks, social events or after-parties following the game can also be added.

A group size of 30 people will be optimal although the game can be played by up to 60 participants, advised Botella. She added that she’s currently developing a second game in the capital.

Fees start from 1,600 baht (US$51.30) per head. Email for more information.

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