Nagasaki Shippoku Hamakatsu

Much loved by local people and tourists alike, this busy restaurant is part of the fabric of downtown Nagasaki, having opened in 1968. So popular is its shippoku cuisine that it opened an outlet in Tokyo’s Ginza district in November 2018, to mark 50 years of business.

Shippoku cuisine

The restaurant is inviting and homely, much like its speciality shippoku cuisine, which dates from 400 years ago.

At that time, international traders flocked to Nagasaki as it was one of the few open Japanese ports. Most hailed from China, Portugal and the Netherlands, so the city developed into a melting pot. The result was shippoku, which is a fusion of ingredients, cooking methods and serving styles from each country.

Shippoku cuisine. Photo: Kathryn Wortley

The cuisine typically uses fowl, fish and game meats, as well as vegetables and rice, and is served as several small dishes that comprise a full meal.

Ginza Nagasaki Shippoku Hamakatsu offers five kinds of sharing courses for groups, ranging from US$46 to US$82 per person. There are also meals for individual customers.

MICE application
The restaurant’s first and third floors offer a casual dining environment. The hall on the first floor is done up in Western-style with circular tables and banquettes, and can seat 50 pax. The third floor, meanwhile, offers Japanese-style seating on low tables complete with cushions and tatami matting, and can accommodate 30 pax.

Second floor dining area. Photo: Kathryn Wortley

On the second floor, groups can enjoy a sophisticated dining experience in modern private or semi-private rooms furnished in Japanese or Western style. Regardless of furnishing style, rooms all have Western-style chairs and together accommodate 40 pax.

The staff are knowledgeable about shippoku cuisine and provide a detailed description of each item on the course menu, making a meal here particularly appealing for corporate groups with an interest in food.

Tel: (81) 95 826 8321
Address: 6-50 Kajiya-machi, Teramachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture

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