TNZ makes joint industry effort to measure, maximise conference legacies

Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) has launched a project to measure and maximise the lasting benefits generated by conferences for the local community.

With more than 76,855 international visitors arriving in New Zealand each year to attend business events and posting an economic contribution of over NZ$500 million over the past five years, conferences in New Zealand are regarded as big business.

de Monchy: better understand of conference impacts

René de Monchy, Tourism New Zealand’s director of commercial, said in a statement: “We know that business events deliver millions to our communities each year, but we want to find out more about the lasting positive impacts they have on our people and communities beyond the dollars.”

To do this, TNZ is taking a collaborative multi-sector approach, incorporating tourism, economic development, environmental impacts, and social processes. It will identify conferences with the ability to provide long-term benefits for New Zealand and work with conference organisers and delegates to make this happen, such as through advancing research opportunities.

“Together we can identify potential impacts (ahead of) a conference and put measures in place to create positive lasting outcomes and benefits for New Zealand and New Zealanders once the conference is over.”

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