TCEB extends welcome to Chinese exhibitions

TCEB's Kanokporn Damrongkul (centre), with partners at the China Business Forum

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has launched the new 360 Degree Exhibition Success to incentivise exhibition organisers, exhibitors and trade visitors from China.

The new campaign comprises three key elements:

  • A Bidding Fund Programme element designed to help organisers launch international exhibitions in Thailand, by providing market support and access to industries.
  • The Exhibiz in Market element is designed to grow new business by giving the national pavilion leader a business platform at exhibitions in Thailand.
  • The final ASEAN+6 Privilege element assists business missions in bringing trade visitors from ASEAN+6 countries, including China, to Thailand for business meetings during exhibitions held in the Kingdom.
TCEB’s Kanokporn Damrongkul (centre), with partners at the China Business Forum

Kanokporn Damrongkul, TCEB’s director of exhibitions department, said in a statement: “TCEB continues to strengthen our partnership with China and our commitment to promoting sustainable growth of the exhibition industry that benefits both Thailand and the region as a whole. We are optimistic that we can achieve more than 10 per cent growth in terms of exhibitions from China in 2019.”

In 2018, Chinese MICE travellers heading to Thailand grew 40 per cent, making China Thailand’s top source market for the fifth consecutive year.

For exhibitions, China is Thailand’s top source market as well, growing from only 16,000 participants in 2013 to 46,000 participants during 2018, a jump of 187 per cent.

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