Photo of the day: 4,000 charity home residents in Singapore to eat well with PPHG’s help this August

PPHG's chef Tony Khoo (right) guiding Sree Narayana's resident cook

Ten hands-on culinary sessions are now underway, led by senior chefs from Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) who are determined to arm cooks from 20 charity homes in Singapore with tasty local recipes that will eventually feed 4,000 residents on National Day, August 9.

Corporate executive chef, Tony Khoo, leads the effort with five executive chefs from PPHG’s Singapore hotels, utilising a central training kitchen sponsored by Unilever Food Solutions.

PPHG’s chef Tony Khoo (right) guiding Sree Narayana’s resident cook

Recipes are tweaked to suit residents, featuring blended dishes such as crab claw, ginger and pumpkin congee to cater to those on softer diets; vegetarian dishes that comprise healthy ingredients instead of mock meat and flour; and nutritional soups.

The activity is part of PPHG’s refreshed Eat Well With Us community programme, which was launched in 2015 in partnership with the National Council of Social Service. The programme imparts healthy recipes through regular chef visits and culinary training at charity homes. From serving just four charity homes then, Eat Well With Us today benefits 20.

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