Asia Ability brings interactive opportunities to IT&CM Asia, CTW Asia-Pacific

Attendees at the upcoming IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific in Bangkok this September can look forward to interactive events led by teambuilding specialist, Asia Ability, the official Experience Partner to the show.

The main event is GO ENGAGE, a gamification of the exhibition experience which transforms the show floor into a giant game board. Every booth or pavilion represents a checkpoint on an online game played by buyers and trade visitors.

David Fotheringham and the Asia Ability team will deliver two fun projects to encourage buyer-seller interaction at IT&CM Asia and CTW Asia-Pacific 2020

Buyers will need to download the game app onto their smartphones and scan QR codes at various booths to earn points.

David Fotheringham, director and consultant at Asia Ability, said exhibitors can use GO ENGAGE to drive traffic to their booth by offering interesting challenges that grant bonus points.

Attendees will accumulate points for a go at a sure-win lucky draw, and the person with the highest overall points will also walk away with an award.

Throughout the show, attendees can check out the live leader board and photos of fellow game competitors in action at the Asia Ability booth.

In addition, Asia Ability will also be hosting the welcome session on the opening day on September 22 with its unique Knowing Me Knowing You activity.

Fotheringham explained that Knowing Me Knowing You aims to encourage networking among buyers and exhibitors to build common ground and smooth the path of sharing information that will inevitably lead to better business relationships in future.

To play, teams are formed and connections built as participants rush to gather as many business and personal “commodities” with other players in order to earn points for their teams.

Fotheringham shared that the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated survival by creative means, as live teambuilding programmes grind to a halt.

“They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and the dire necessity of this current crisis has fuelled an outpouring of creativity that our network has never seen the like of. There is a focus on virtual teambuilding for teams currently under home working conditions,” he said.

He revealed that demand for virtual teambuilding is rising in Singapore and Malaysia, especially among the banking, financial, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

“Faced with uncertainty and the unfamiliar, the need for effective teambuilding to enhance great communication and strong workplace relationships is more important than ever before,” he added.

When the pandemic finally comes to an end, Fotheringham foresees a return to physical teambuilding activities and carefully planned and orchestrated team activities will still have a place.

Companies that value human capital will still want to bring people physically together to connect and build on those “virtual” relationships.

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