IELA rolls out exhibition protocol for Covid-19

The guidelines will help to protect workers setting up exhibitions during the pandemic

The International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA) has released a step-by-step practical guide and safety recommendations for the exhibition logistics industry during the current pandemic.

Entitled IELA On-Site Covid-19 Protocol, the guide recommends the measures and behaviour to adopt in an on-site work situation specific to the exhibition logistics environment, as economies restart around the world.

The guidelines will help to protect workers doing the exhibition setup during the pandemic

This protocol covers a wide spectrum of daily working functions and results from the work put in by IELA’s Standards & Customs Working Group (S&C WG).

Keeping in mind the safety of logistics teams and all those present on show sites, this document highlights various aspects to be addressed from basic hygiene matters to more complicated delivery situations, where close collaboration and interaction is unavoidable among on-site workers, but where social distancing now has to be ranked as the top priority.

By applying this protocol, IELA Members will be positioned ready, even before the actual opening of events, making sure that the exhibits and stand material arrive safely and punctually at show sites and booths. It is therefore imperative that working teams follow these guidelines to ensure the success and safety of events.

David Palomo, chairman of the IELA S&C WG, said in a statement that the guide will help the industry to face the pandemic now, “as well as be forewarned and informed of future difficult situations at all times”.

The IELA Covid-19 Protocol is available online in the IELA Member Zone and on the Organiser & Exhibitor Portals on

IELA is the global industry network enhancing the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition and event industry. IELA works with venue owners, organisers and national associations educating, training and sharing expertise for safe and secure operations around the world. IELA is currently represented by 172 members and 31 affiliates in 56 countries.

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