Dyandra Promosindo to help kickstart Indonesia’s exhibition industry with massive event


Indonesian exhibition organiser Dyandra Promosindo will be organising Dyandra New Adventure (DNA) in October, an event that will comprise three exhibitions and a music concert happening concurrently at the Jakarta International Expo.

Scheduled for October 2-4, 2020, DNA will be a combination of Create By IFEX (Indonesia International Furniture Expo); IIMS (Indonesia International Motor Show); Property Weekend Fiesta; and Infinite Live! concert.

IFEX was previously B2B, but it has been modified to appeal to both B2C and B2B for this upcoming event

Create By IFEX will be staged on an area of 4,800m2, with around 150 exhibitors expected. Meanwhile, IIMS expects to bring attract more than 90 exhibitors, while the Property Weekend Fiesta will see over 200 participating developers. The music concert, Infinite Live!, will involve both domestic and foreign musicians, and will be held in the outdoor area that’s good for 5,000 people.

Taking up a total of 41,000m2 of space, DNA targets to attract a total of 95,000 visitors, and aims to generate 80.4 billion rupiah (US$5.7 million).

When asked about the motivation behind the massive event, Hendra Noor Saleh, president director of Dyandra Promosindo, said: “For more than four months, there has been no business. To kickstart the industry, we need to create a large momentum.”

And this momentum was sorely needed, as it will not only attract attention, but also foster new optimism, which will in turn help to revive the badly-hit industry, he added.

“With this in mind, we decided to hold DNA by putting four different industries into one event. This is a risky undertaking, but I feel that we should do something now to kickstart the sector,” Henda explained.

And although the industries and target markets differ, Michael Bayu believes that their “ecosystems are inter-related”, and by creating a cross audience, “visitors will be able to enjoy themselves as there are many things they can see in one venue”.

To entice exhibitors, Dyandra Promosindo has set a competitive booth price, to “help the industry bounce back”, shared Michael.

For The Indonesian Furniture and Craft Association (HIMKI) – the co-owner of Create By IFEX – DNA is an alternative for handicraft and furniture businesses to market their products after IFEX, a B2B furniture and craft exhibition supposed to be held in March was cancelled.

Abdul Sobur, secretary-general of HIMKI, shared that the concept of the exhibition has been changed to target the domestic market, instead of solely being B2B.

“The B2C portion will make up almost 85 per cent, while the B2B exhibition will be held virtually,” he added.

For Paulus Totok Lusida, chairman of Real Estate Indonesia – co-owner of Property Weekend Fiesta – said DNA provides fresh hope to lure potential buyers, and reach developers and markets outside the Jakarta metropolitan area.

Similarly, Property Weekend Fiesta will also feature a hybridised format which will see a festival, as well as an online exhibition that will last two weeks from September 28 to October 11.

Hendra asserted that DNA will follow basic health and safety protocols for guests’ safety, such as having a crowd controller, limiting the number of individuals at a booth, and installation of a gangway with a minimum width of three metres. DNA will also be using technology to implement non-cash payment systems and e-tickets.

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