Hybrid and virtual corporate events gain more ground in Malaysia

Digital and virtual learning programmes were already on the rise, but has become a staple now

Hybrid and virtual teambuilding events are becoming more widely accepted with event organisers in Malaysia, as the country works its way towards normalcy.

Mark Stanley, a training consultant at Asia Ability based in Kuala Lumpur, said the company has seen a growing number of enquiries for hybrid events from corporate companies and event management companies from Malaysia.

Digital and virtual learning programmes were already on the rise, but has become a staple now

In August alone, Asia Ability’s office in Kuala Lumpur handled three hybrid teambuilding events, which had both an onsite teambuilding component with social distancing, and a remote component.

He said the traditional teambuilding format, with participants gathered at a venue and working on tasks together has some event organisers wondering about the feasibility of having such programmes in the future, especially when the group sizes are big. Previously, onsite teambuilding events average between 200 to 800 participants, but group sizes now typically range between 20 to 30.

Stanley also pointed out that it isn’t easy to ensure large groups adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures for the good of everyone as well.

Hence, he is all for virtual and hybrid solutions, pointing out that going online brings with it substantial cost savings in terms of rental venue, transportation of delegates and accommodation.

Dee Dee Quah, director, Medical Conference Partners, noted that medical conferences she has handled this year have also taken on a virtual format. Similarly, teambuilding also has gone virtual, but the success of this she warned, was dependent on having an energetic facilitator who is able to hype up participants.

Dee also opined that for the next year, conferences, teambuilding and meetings will most likely take on a hybrid format.

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