CWT signs partnership on sustainable aviation fuel with Delta

Both companies have resolved their commitment to be responsible businesses

Travel management platform CWT has partnered with Delta to purchase enough sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to cover the projected fuel usage from all of CWT’s travellers on Delta on June 5, also known as World Environment Day.

The agreement underscores CWT’s commitment to environmental stewardship, a core part of its strategy, culture and consulting activities as a U.N Global Compact signatory since 2012.

Both companies have resolved their commitment to being responsible businesses

The agreement is also part of Delta’s Flight to Net Zero initiative that encompasses the company’s industry-leading global carbon neutral goal. It also represents new initiatives, products and standards that will advance clean air travel and accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions.

“Our strong sustainability partnership with CWT helps to drive the industry forward to a more environmentally-sound future, and underscores a conceptual alignment within the travel industry to proactively find solutions for the carbon footprint created by travel,” said Steve Sear, Delta’s executive vice president of global sales.

Recently, AMEX GBT also teamed up with Shell on a separate sustainable travel fuel push.

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