JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong launches hybrid meeting solution

JW Marriott Ballroom corporate dinner setup

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong has put in place a hybrid meetings solution with the building of a specific Extended Reality (xR) stage, billed as the first-of-its-kind among Hong Kong hotels

With the advanced Hologram technology, participants who are not present physically at the venue can appear on the virtual xR stage, and are able to interact with one another.

JW Marriott Ballroom corporate dinner setup

In the meantime, augmented reality (AR) 3D objects can also be manipulated on the xR stage in real-time, allowing clients to put their products in the limelight with ease and showcase the features through live interactions.

Essential tools necessary for meetings and events, such as PowerPoint presentations, video players and online meeting interfaces, can also be integrated into the technology.

The xR Stage, pre-set at the Executive Meeting Suite on Level 30 of the hotel costs HK$120,000 (US$15,550) for a full-day event. The package includes a rehearsal day, a standard scene from a given template (tailor-made scenes and 3D content will have separate costs), as well as complementary equipment such as cameras and recorders.

The package is valid until September 15 2021, and the venue charge will be levied and subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply. For enquiries, call (852) 2841 3838 or email jwmarriott.hk@marriotthotels.com.

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