Re-Fresh Taiwan: Creating a New Ecosystem for Taiwan’s MICE

The most valuable resource of Taiwan is its people. With cosmopolitan friendliness and professional capacities, the people of Taiwan make up the country’s foundation, making it a land of profound possibilities!

Taoyuan as the main MICE city in Taiwan will open the new mode of MICE services for "Hybrid Meetings"

The prefix “re-“, meaning back or again, is the highlight of MEET TAIWAN’s new program name—Re-Fresh Taiwan—representing a fresh start after the global pandemic forging a fresh new ecosystem for Taiwan’s MICE.

With the advent of COVID-19, Taiwan, like other countries, has confronted new challenges. Early on, Taiwan achieved world-leading pandemic control results through prompt response measures. Even though there was a surge in infection cases later on, it was soon stabilized through public cooperation and effective government control. Along with rising vaccination rates, these measures show Taiwan’s COVID resilience, which enabled people to quickly return to relatively normal life reassured and with peace of mind.

As a result of the new normal caused by the pandemic, the global MICE industry is undergoing a revolution. MEET TAIWAN launched a new project called Re-Fresh Taiwan to reform the Taiwanese MICE industry. Integrating governmental and non-governmental resources, in conjunction with Taiwan’s world-leading information technology and abundant cultural vitality, a more safe and secure MICE ecosystem is forming. At the same time, the industry has become reinvigorated with people’s warmth and compassion, thereby kicking off better, more diverse services and cultural experiences for professionals around the world.

The advantages of organizing MICE events in Taiwan in the post-COVID-19 era fall into three categories:

Reassured and Safe

Taiwan has a sound medical care system and public health environment that can promptly implement pandemic control measures, as well as excellent public security. These advantages make Taiwan a top pick for countries around the world to organize MICE events.

Remarkable Services

Looking forward to the recovery of Taiwan’s MICE industry, MICE service providers in Taiwan provide MICE event organizers with professional, highly efficient, high-quality, and flexible services that are incredibly responsive to emergencies.

Revolutionized Digital Era

As hybrid MICE events have become the latest trend, Taiwan is innovatively enhancing its MICE industry by applying new digital technologies to build a fresh model for Taiwan’s digital exhibitions to facilitate the technological and digital transformation of MICE.

Taiwan is ready for the new normal. Once countries around the world reopen their borders, the nation should be a top choice for global MICE service providers to reconnect with each other.

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