Seoul designates more Unique Venues for smaller corporate meetings

Seoul Book Bogo is one of the latest to join the Unique Venues list

The Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) has upped its list of Unique Venues from 53 to 71, citing the increase in small- and medium-sized business events a key factor.

Some of the new Unique Venues include Seoul Book Bogo, a public secondhand bookstore repurposed from a large, deserted warehouse. It was built as a publicity and purchasing platform for small second-hand bookstores, as well as a place to bring independent publications and donated books to readers. The academy space of the Seoul Book Bogo has a stage and audience seats, making it a potential venue for seminars and talks.

Seoul Book Bogo is one of the latest to join the Unique Venues list

Next, Rakkojae is a hotel that retains the traditional elements of a hanok (Korean house). In the basement of the Rakkojae Culture Lounge, lies a modern hall that can be used as a dining area. Elsewhere, Jeongdong 1928 Art Center has been repurposed from a 90-year-old Salvation Army Central Hall into a multipurpose complex that can now house various events such as performances, exhibitions, and lectures.

The additional list is as follows:

In addition to convention centers and hotels, Unique Venues include places where event organisers and participants can meet and network while experiencing the scenery, culture, history, and daily lives of Seoulites.

For a place to be selected as a Unique Venue, STO indicates that it has to be capable of serving food and signifying styles, stories, or sustainability unique to the city of Seoul. It should also be linked to major hotels, convention facilities, and tourist destinations in the city.

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