Japan’s new qualified incentives refresh body and mind, sparking ideas in attendees

Japan has curated a collection of inspiring incentive experiences that meet the needs of post-Covid travel recovery

Hasedera Temple in Nara is known as a temple of flowers

Brought to you by Japan National Tourism Organization

Japan National Tourism Organization has released a list of 42 ideas for incentives. As the purpose of incentive travel is important in the post-Covid era, the ideas were compiled and published as a collection for organizers promoting qualified incentives. The programmes are not just incentive trips but special, meaningful and fun activities offering a positive impact on the mindfulness, health, teamwork and spiritual well-being of all participants. They have already been well received on the new website that hosts their details.

Highlights include a thoughtful stay in Nara, Zazen meditation in Shiga, a green tea experience in Shizuoka, a running programme around the Imperial Palace, and a hiking and culinary activity in Mie. They are easily accessible, being only a couple of hours’ travel from both Osaka and Tokyo.

Meditate at JW Marriott Hotel Nara

In Nara, 60 to 100 pax can take part in mindfulness exercises while enjoying a luxurious two-night stay at Japan’s first JW Marriott. This programme includes a gala dinner in a unique location normally closed to the public: the private quarters of the head priest of Hasedera, a temple dating from the eighth century with vast scenic grounds unchanged for more than 1,000 years. How about considering this programme as an exclusive incentive event for outstanding achievers?

Hieizan Enryakuji Temple in Shiga offers zazen sessions in candlelight

Near Kyoto, in Shiga Prefecture’s Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, monks lead participants in writing a wish on a traditional Japanese candle and watching the flame flicker as part of a Zazen meditation thought to relieve anxiety and stress while improving concentration. The session, which is ideal as part of management training for executive candidates, lasts 90 minutes and is suitable for one to 30 participants.

Mt. Fuji rises majestically in the background, as viewed from Shizuoka’s Suruga, where tea harvests are plentiful

The green tea experience in Shizuoka blends historic Japan and relaxation. The open-air tea room at Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, a renowned national treasure, offers a traditional meal arranged in modern style, with green tea pairings presented by a local tea master. Up to 20 guests can enjoy the various culinary delights while overlooking Mount Fuji, Suruga Bay and tea fields.

Get physically fit in Tokyo, under the guidance of a professional coach from ASICS

For groups preferring something more physical, a professional coach from ASICS, Japan’s leading sportswear manufacturer, can help participants refresh body and mind in a running programme. The route circles Kokyo Gaien National Gardens, a well-loved sanctuary for runners in the heart of Tokyo. The 5km lap offers views of the Imperial Palace, the bustling Marunouchi business district, and Tokyo Station’s historic red-brick façade. Bespoke group T-shirts can be created two months in advance.

Trace the footsteps of Buddhist apprentice monks around the forests of Shirataki Daimyojin in Mie

In yet another outstanding experience, groups of two to 30 can traverse the same paths that Buddhist apprentice monks take in the forests around Shirataki Daimyojin in Mie, where the mountain is enshrined as a deity. Guides introduce aspects of Eastern dietary medicine, such as pickled food, and instruct participants on cooking rice using old, traditional ways during this four-hour programme.

Each of the 42 programmes is designed to offer inspiration to business groups by providing insights into the country’s unique lifestyle. Japan’s additional core strengths as an events host are its knowledge and resources, smooth operations, as well as clean and safe cities. In addition to these strengths, Japan has been preparing a programme suitable for post-Covid while travel has been suspended.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Japan’s business events industry has adapted swiftly, offering cutting-edge approaches to online events, and stringent countermeasures against the spread of infections at hotels, conference centres and other facilities.

Now, as the world contemplates recovery, business event specialists in Japan are poised to welcome guests back with events that spark off exciting business opportunities.

New ideas begin in Japan: a country that has been improving its incentive offerings in response to the pandemic. Even if you have already attended an incentive trip here, many more special experiences await you.

To find out how you can create inspiring and meaningful delegate experiences in the destination, visit www.japanmeetings.org.

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