CWT beefs up CO2 emission reporting

these latest enhancements are designed to help integrate corporate sustainability goals

CWT has launched the next phase in its product evolution with carbon intelligence platform Thrust Carbon to further support sustainable travel programmes.

This follows the launch of carbon footprint indicators in March.

These latest enhancements are designed to help companies better integrate corporate sustainability goals

Integrated into CWT’s business intelligence solution, customers now have access to new Carbon Emission Summary dashboards, providing an all-in-one view of a company’s emissions using either DEFRA or Thrust Carbon methodology. Available to all CWT customers globally, the new dashboards help companies understand their CO2 footprint resulting from corporate travel, improve their environmental impact, and reach their responsible travel programme goals.

“We know that when it comes to CO2 data, greater accuracy and clarity supports greater accountability and better choices… Companies pursuing climate initiatives are looking for more comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data and analytics; 79 per cent of our global customers have told us as such, in a recent survey,” said Charlie Sullivan, head of product management, travel management portfolio, CWT.

Over the next 18 months, CWT has a number of initiatives underway to further evolve its sustainability capabilities and portfolio, enhancing and expanding existing and new capabilities in myCWT web and mobile.

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