Cvent targets younger meeting planners during learning event

From left: Cvent's Anthony Lion and Will Kataria at the event

Global event and hospitality technology provider Cvent is increasing its engagement with Singapore-based millennial and Gen Z meeting planners, and educating them on the platform’s in-person and hybrid capabilities to meet their post-pandemic needs.

To do this, Cvent organised a lunch and learning event on October 12, which was attended by some 35 mid-level corporate buyers, as well as individuals from institutes of higher learning and digital marketing agencies.

From left: Cvent’s Anthony Lion and Will Kataria at the event

Will Kataria, senior director/general manager, Cvent Singapore, shared with TTGmice that the goal was to educate “those most directly involved in planning events” in order to connect with their stakeholders- and budget-holders as the next step.

Kataria noted meeting planners in Australia, Europe and the US, when compared with their Singapore counterparts, were more informed and less resistant to deploying technology as a strategic meetings management tool.

“To grow events, there must be acceptance and millennials and Gen Z meeting planners need to embrace technology,” he observed. Kataria also highlighted the importance of technology and data protection under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PPDA (Personal Data Protection Act) compliance.

While in-person events are back with a vengeance in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and several other South-east Asian countries, buyers told TTGmice that hybrid meetings to engage with customers were still important.

Simon Lalloz, events marketing manager Asia of Contentsquare, said he was looking for a hybrid solution that is less expensive than streaming to sidestep possible technical hitches. Contentsquare is a software firm which organises around 30 medium-size events annually.

Meanwhile, the meeting planner of a leading Singapore law firm, a former Cvent customer, was present at the event to obtain an update. She noted that the Cvent team, which organised a few webinars a week during the pandemic, was now moving towards physical and hybrid events to meet client needs.

At digital marketing company AMC Asia, a Cvent customer, a senior representative said he was looking for a solution on the platform that could incorporate travel information like flight details and related information.

Cvent Studio, was also highlighted that afternoon as a free user-friendly web-based tool that is part of Cvent’s virtual software. Introduced in August 2021, Cvent Studio is capable of producing broadcast-quality content to help meeting planners organise virtual and hybrid events.

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