Gevme rolls out new event website builder

Gevme has designed an integrative and multipurpose event website builder

Singapore-headquartered virtual events and events technology provider Gevme has launched a new integrative and multipurpose event website builder.

Be it an in-person conference or virtual summit, the event website builder can configure a set of pages that works for every type of experience and use case. This includes public pages for registration and general content, along with private pages for on-demand content, live streams, breakout rooms, gamification and more.

Gevme has designed an integrative and multipurpose event website builder

For the event professional, the all-in-one website allows data and content to be centrally stored and managed from just one place. When it is time for an event, the content can be easily published and distributed to various different platforms using Gevme widgets.

Its integrative feature also means that a host of different systems and applications such as Eventbrite, Webflow and other 5000 applications can be accessed through one centralised website.

The event website builder also features built-in SEO capabilities to help designers create a website that is both engaging and effective. They can also find a selection of over 50 professionally-designed templates and widgets to enhance the look and feel of the website for any type of event.

“Each event is unique, each event has its own specific goals. We’re not just launching a generic website builder, the world doesn’t need yet another website builder. What we’re launching is 50 out-of-the-box event experiences. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, professional website or a funky townhall in a 3D world, we’ve got you covered. That’s what makes it exciting,” said Veemal Gungadin, CEO of GEVME.

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