APAC Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition heads Down Under

A previous edition of the APAC Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition

The Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) has signed a MoU with the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) to host the Asia Pacific APAC) Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition at the ICC in Sydney, Australia, on October 26-27, 2023.

The global event, which convenes over 3,000 attendees to advance hydrogen’s role in the future energy mix, will generate an estimated A$2.7 million (US$1.9 million) in direct expenditure to the New South Wales (NSW) economy.

A previous edition of the APAC Hydrogen Summit & Exhibitionttttttt

The aim of the Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition is to be the official meeting place for government and private sector leaders to exchange insights, showcase advancements and establish new partnerships that will accelerate the hydrogen industry scaleup to deliver a successful energy transition in line with 2030 and 2050 climate goals. The conference will also showcase a number of leading hydrogen projects and companies that are active in the Asia Pacific region.

SEC organises three of these events every year: one in America, one in Europe and one in Asia. SEC has chosen Australia as the location for the APAC Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition for years to come.

By hosting the APAC Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition, the Australia Hydrogen Council is highlighting the country’s commitment to becoming a major global player by 2030. Plans are underway to build domestic hydrogen hubs fostering demand and co-locating infrastructure which will underpin Australia’s world-leading exporting capabilities.

By 2030, the green hydrogen industry is poised to grow NSW’s gross state product by A$600 million each year and by 2050 could attract up to A$80 billion of investment.

BESydney CEO, Lyn Lewis-Smith said: “The local industry and Government collaboration in securing the inaugural Hydrogen Summit for the Asia Pacific region is a great signal of intent of Australia’s ambitions to transition to a renewable energy superpower, placing Sydney alongside global hydrogen cities like Rotterdam and Washington DC.

“Events like this are a shot in the arm for tourism, but they also stimulate progress in the city, nation and region where they are held, placing a global spotlight on our region’s hydrogen community, highlighting the incredible ideas and skills found here, and adding a new perspective to a predominantly Northern Hemisphere discussion.”

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