Singapore Expo strides towards Net Zero goal

Solar panel installation in progress

Singapore Expo is in the process of installing solar panels on its rooftop, as well as developing an electric charging hub, where both projects will help boost the venue’s sustainability infrastructure as it works towards achieving net zero by 2024.

With over 17,000 photovoltaic panels installed on the rooftops of 10 exhibition halls and convention wing, Singapore Expo would be the country’s largest single-site solar panel installation at a total estimated size of about 6.5 football fields. The energy generated from these panels can power 4,000 units of HDB three-room flats (at 68m2 per flat) for a year. The installation is expected to be completed in October 2023 and once completed.

Solar panel installation in progress

The venue is also enabling a more sustainable way to travel. Shell will be installing 20 Shell Recharge electric vehicle charging points at Singapore Expo’s carparks, making this the largest charging hub in the eastern part of Singapore.

Other initiatives that Singapore Expo is also embarking on include implementing urban farming on the rooftop of the convention wing by October 2023. The latter complements the venue’s current food waste management initiatives, as well as the operation of a food digestor at Timbre+ food park to turn food waste into water that can be discharged into the public sewage system, thus reducing the carbon footprint from transporting the food waste for disposal.

Last year, Constellar pledged its commitment to the ‘Net Zero Carbon Events” initiative by the Joint Meetings Industry Council and also joined the Global MICE Sustainability Alliance to explore solutions for green events, develop relevant MICE sustainability standards and accelerate the adoption of green practices. As part of the Alliance’s efforts, Constellar will also be piloting waste measurement methodologies at BuildTech Asia, a Constellar event, from March 28-30, 2023, as well as Food & Hotel Asia 2024.

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