Pain Relief Therapy offers workshops and talks to improve corporate wellness

Pain Relief Therapy, a healthcare practice in Singapore, has rolled out a series of workshops and talks to promote healthier work habits in the office.

Aside from ensuring an employee’s wellbeing, the workshops can also double up as teambuilding sessions to promote bonding and a healthier lifestyle among employees.

One workshop is the Introduction to Basic Sports Massage. Lasting for 2.5 hours, therapists from Pain Relief will educate employees on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and there will be opportunities to practice the massage techniques taught on each other to alleviate common work ailments like stiff shoulders and necks.

There is also a workshop for stretching. The Basic Assisted Stretch Therapy session will introduce the basics of stretching to help employees learn various postural assessments to aid in stretching, and practice different stretches to help release sore or tense muscles from being hunched over a desk for a day. Employees will also have an opportunity to bond when performing partner-assisted stretching.

Pain Relief Therapy also offers one-hour-long complimentary talks, where topics will range from pain relief management for the lower body to postural assessment and self-care. Around 50 people can be accommodated for a talk, depending on the available office space.

For interactive workshops, up to 15 people can be accommodated at Pain Relief Therapy’s office, with the possibility of expanding the group size depending on available space. Interactive workshops also cost between S$250 (US$185) and $500 per hour.

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